My Little hunter

For Austin’s 23rd Zombie themed birthday I decided to make him a my little pony mod, which for any one wondering a my little pony mod is what the name leads it to be, a modification of a my little pony. I came up with this idea a number of weeks before his party and spent some time wondering what I should make, no real idea which characters Austin likes I went with zombies. And zombies means Left 4 Dead. I was going to pick bill… but I didn’t want to give a my little pony a beard… so I went with a hunter. Why? It’s simple compared to the others and a boomer is too fat.

Anyways, a week before the party I got to work, slowly buying the supplies I needed.

Finding the my little pony was the hardest part… I went to a number of different stores and finally found one in safeway.

So here she is… her name was Toola-Roola.

Following a number of how tos and tutorials I started with removing the head.

Using hot water to soften up the plastic made things so damn easy.

I got rid of the hair with scissors and a number of other tools I had laying around. Did a quick scrub with nail polish remover to try and clean off all the stupid pattens and glitter, didn’t get everything off but I was fine with that.

I took some air drying clay and went to work making a hoodie and a tail… it was a very messy job and newspaper is my friend now.

I let it dry for a few hours and then I clipped away at the un-needed clay and cleaned things up a little.

Left it alone over night and started to paint it the next day.

Before doing any painting I gave it a coat of PVA mixed with water to help stop the clay cracking.

After the first coat of paint I noticed parts had started to peel off, I really should have sealed it before I started painting but it was late and I was tired so I kept trucking.

I used some of the red paint/blood to help keep the peeling paint down but that didn’t do too much to help, so once I had finished all the painting I gave it two coats of dull coat to seal the paint and stop it from peeling off… although I missed it’s feet and if you turn the pony over you can see it’s original pink colour. Ah fail.

I left the pony to dry in it’s seal over night once again and the next morning I got to shin it up.

Using some gloss paint I touched up parts of the blood making it shiny and look more real and not to lame, I also put gloss on its ears and eyes to make things pretty.

I added some duct tape which was a pain to put on… and some stage blood to give it a gooy look.

And here’s what it looks like when I took a photo with flash on… scary huh?

I’m pretty proud of the mod, it’s not the best but at the same time it came out pretty damn well for a first try. I also had a lot of fun making it.


Tomorrow is the start of semester 2, but before I start here’s a quick run down about the subjects I did last semester.

Interact Digital Media Proj A

The big main thing for the semester was IDMP, I was some what lucky and managed to join a really awesome group with people who work hard and create amazing stuff. We made a sidescroller with the UT3 engine with heaps of custom content and a bunch of other wow stuff. I’m actually a little disappointed with myself when it came to pitching in work, but I somewhat pulled my weight with the presentations we had. (After our final presentation I had a number of teachers come up to me and tell me what a good job I did *glee*)
We managed to score a HD and I look forward to working with my team next semester and I hope I put in more effort this time around. ^^;


Ah web3D, I have to say this subject drove me the most insane. I went into it thinking it would be easy and a piece of cake, heck I know HTML, I know action script and I can read python well enough. Anyways, it didn’t take me too long to find the subject annoying and boring and I stopped heading into class >.> I managed to do my assignments within a week before they were due with a lot of complaining and asking for help from my friends, but all in all I somehow managed to get my assignments done, pass the exam and get away with a HD. Whoo.

Design Studio 2

DS2 was one of my more laid back subjects, we were hardly given any work outside of class and I had a lot of fun attending the classes… this was until the lecturer was replaced and things got a little boring. Thanks to this class I’m not so crap with InDesign. I had hoped I would have gotten a HD for this subject but a DI is good enough. Tho I can’t really help but think if our Lecturer wasn’t replaced I would have gotten a HD.

Alternative Animation


I think the animation class is the class I had the most fun, in the first few weeks of the semester we made little animations, it really felt like we were doing something. The assignments were a lot of fun to do and I was really happy that I was finally doing some 2D animations. I’m a little sad that I only got a DI but I guess it just meant I didn’t work hard enough and didn’t put in all those extra little things you need in an animation. I’m still happy, it was a wonderful subject and wouldn’t actually mind if I had to do it again.

So what’s up for tomorrow and the next 12 or so weeks?

I’m some what looking forward to the Digital curation and Exhibition practice and the photography class. Not too sure why I’m taking programming 1, it seems like a good thing to know and I’m looking forward to working with my team again for IDMP B :P

More L4D fanart

Snice drawing my Zoey and boomer pic I had been meaning to draw the others as well…

So we have bill….


but omg! Which infected did he get paired with? =O dun Dun DUUUN~

Man I can’t draw guns >.< I saw some blue plastic guns in an army shop the other day… I wanted to ask if they were for sale and how much but in the end I chicked out and ran away.

This drawing has been a pain in the butt to do so I’m having a rest >.<

Bad photos of drawings I did

Lunch on new years eve was at a burger place called grilled, Alex found one of those little books that customers are allowed to scribe/scribble in. The previous pages were just crap so I added some zombie love =D Marco lens are not the best thing to use when taking photos of drawings I did. Now I know.

Louis vs Tank

Louis vs smoker

Louis vs boomer

Louis vs Hunter

It started off with me just drawing Louis vs tank but slowly I drew the others as well, just for lols.


Curing the infection… One bullet at a time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, uni for the year finished a few weeks ago. I’m not sure when I start my 3rd year but I get a few months off till then. I’ll do a proper post of work I’ve been doing and report on a few cons I’ve been too… todays post is about Left 4 Dead pretty new game by Valve, y’know Valve… it made half life 2… Team Fortress and Portal! The game has come out but for about five days before the game release the demo was floating around and after many late nights killing zombies with my buddies I have to say it’s some what effected my mind to the point where I’ve started to dream that I’m killing zombies…

Today hanging out with my friends… we plan for the battle to come…


no white board is safe from me!