Ren’Py, Sublime and Starmie

Ren’Py seems to be going well. I finished the first lot of tutorials it game with. Today I want to try and start making my game. I like how Ren’Py uses python. Many of my friends use python so if I ever get stuck I can ask them for help.


Currently my idea is to make a new game for each level and join them all together towards the end. Also since I’m working with code I’m using Sublime Text as my text editor. You can use like note pad but the good thing about text editors is that they will highlight parts of code. So like methods or classes will show up in different colours making things easy to read.

In life news yesterday we had a belated birthday party for JB. I made a card.


It’s his favourite Pokémon, Starmie :D I used cardboard between layers of paper so I didn’t look so flat despite using solid colours.


No drawings this week, I was busy cutting up paper and making birthday cards :P

A while ago I bought a set of scissors, I guess it’s more of a set of blades then scissors. It’s a pair of scissors with a bunch of attachment blades. It’s basically a set of them crazy scissors that cut in funny patterns and what not. (Coz I know what I’m talking about) I found them at smiggle for like 15 bucks.

Coz cutting in straight lines is for sissies!

They come in handy when making pretty birthday cards :D

I like to make cards over buying them when I have the time and am inspired to making something :D

I just wish I was better are writing stuff in them. Tho lately I think I’ve been getting better at putting random text in cards