Game news

Steam came out on mac earlier this week. And with that valve is giving away Portal for free :D

If you don’t know portal is a short puzzle game where by thinking with portals you solve puzzles :D (if you want a non-lame explanation of portal I suggest you go and goggle it) You play as a test subject working for Aperture Science. An AI known as GLaDOS is your guild though out the game. And you go test chamber by test chamber with the promise of cake.

I really like portal, it was in a way the first computer game I had played and finished. It’s the game that started it all (But L4D is the game that me trigger happeh :D )

Anyways, so if you are a mac or a PC user I recommend you get Portal, just please remember; Portal came out in 2007, while the jokes might be new to you, we have all heard ‘em before and some of them have been worn out due to idiots who don’t know when to shut up.

Other game news is that Conor is doing is iPhone course again at RMIT. So if games on the iPhone or iPad is something you’d like to developed for and you have the time, I recommend you check it out. Conor was a excellent supervisor for my 3rd year project so you will be in good hands :D