Pixen First Impressions

I bought Pixen the other day from the app store. It cost me about $10 something AUD I finally got around to using it today. So far all I’ve done is made a little purple cube. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pixen is a  pixel art editor for mac OS. It’s not that bad but could do with some improvements.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.09.57 pm

So the biggest problem I have with Pixen is that it doesn’t have panning. As someone who uses a lot of photoshop I just expected that I could hold space bar and be able to move around the canvas, this was not the case. While zoomed in I needed to use the scroll bars, which isn’t a bad thing but I feel like it slows me down. Pixen does have a “move” function but that moves the image.

My second problem with Pixen is probably stupid. On the top left there are two little icons a clock/timer and a little graph. These are the Recent Colors and Frequency Palette. They are alright in their own way and the frequency palette isn’t that bad. The frequency palette will store whatever colours you have been using, this is neat unless you are indecisive and can’t choose which shade of purple you want to use and end up with the frequency palette filled with 5 million shades of purple. I do wish I could hide the recent colors and frequency palette. I’m not sure if you can, so far it looks like you can’t. 

Thirdly (and finally) another thing that annoys me with Pixen is that you can’t hide the cursor while in pen mode. It’s a little distracting and hard to explain.

Anyways, on the plus side of things pixen is pretty damn good for what you pay. Here’s a few things I like about Pixen:
1. Live preview (lets you see your image at size 100% while you are zoomed in working on your pixel art)
2. Custom colour palettes, unlike the Recent Colours and Frequency Palette you can create and store the colours you want and will carry on into any new files you create.
3. Background settlings! Comes with Flat colour and checkered background. Also allows you to use an image as a background.
4. Layers!
5. Animations!
6. Grid!

That’s it for now. This is just my first impression. I’ll update again after I do a few more things. So far it seems pretty good value. But if you want to try pixel art you can also do it in Photoshop and MS paint, maybe then get Pixen if you find yourself enjoying doing pixel art (or keep using whatever you were using).

In the past 24 hours

It’s kinda amazing at how much stuff can happen in a day.

Yesterday when I came into the studio, some guy was placing up a pin board across the room. Previously we had three TVs screens that were taking up wall space, so in the span of a week the TVs were taken down, cables removed and the pin boards came up.

As soon as the man left taking with him the left over bits and pieces we in the computer part of the room ran over and began to touch the new pin boards. From far away they looked like fabric boards but closer they were just green cork boards.


We later attacked the cork board with photos of nigella lawson, for she is the honour’s sprit animal… or something.

I come in today to find out shrine of nigella lawson had grown.


I look forward to seeing what it’s going to look like on Monday. I might bring in some colourful paper and make a paper chain to hang along the board.

In less stupid news, I finished the ethics form and sent it to my supervisor yesterday. It was a lot of paper and such for something that’s pretty much “I need people to play my game”. Better safe then sorry I guess.

Also, I’m now using omnigraffle to make flow charts. JB gave me a trail version of the thing. It’s 10bucks on the app store so if I really like it I might buy it. Currently it does what I want it to do and doesn’t limit me on how much stuff I can have in my flow chart so it’s not bad. Not bad indeed.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.56.00 PM

I’ve also starting using Ren’Py and Sublime Text, no game has been formed yet, but I’ve been testing bits of code to see how things work. currently I’m trying to work out how Ren’Py reads other files.

For the rest of the day I plan to do some writing and do some game making.

Today’s stress level is at Ivory alert.


Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.15.28 PM

I’ve been using this program called lucidchart to make a flow chart. It’s a really nice program however the free version will only let you have 60 items. So a box that’s one thing, another box, two things, an arrow joining the points that’s a 3rd thing. It doesn’t take long until you run out of items allowed.

So I’m on the hunt for a new one. If anyone knows any good ones leave a comment, free would be nice.