de Blob: The underground

So E3, a freaking huge video game conference has just happen. The announcements of many games and surprises. Game news pretty much flooded over and made us little geeks such happy things. There are things that I’m looking forward to very much (portal2 and kirby yarn are some must gets for me)

In the weeks leading up to E3, bluetongue; manly the team I was in was very busy with getting our demo ready in time and making it look awesome.

So I guess it’s no real surprises that a second blob game is to be released, our surprises was that it’ll be across all 3 platforms, wii, PS3 and Xbox360. (blob in HD omg!)19

For any of you who don’t know what de blob is it’s a game about a colourless world and you play as a blob who has the ability to soak up paint and colour the world pretty, free monochrome citizens and defeate the evil I.N.K.T corporation.

I think it was in my first year of uni when some kids from bluetongue had come over to RMIT to show us de blob, it was amazing and to be working on it’s squeal it almost mind blowing. I’m quite lucky to be sitting next to two amazing level designers, it gives me joy to know that one of them use to be an intern as well. :)

de blob was an amazing games, but the squeal just blows it away. And I’m not just saying this coz I’ve been working on it. It really is. When I compare the two games I sit there in shocked in how much the game has gotten better yet it’s still for the same platform.

de blob: the underground is a game that’s been made from love and lols. And I’m so happy that I get to add my own love and lols into the mix of it all.


Quick sketch coz I felt like drawing something. No recording since it was a whim sort of thing and I’m too lazy to sort out all the things that’s needed to make one of those videos D: they actually take longer to do then drawing the pic, crazy.

Tomorrow I start my third month at Blue Tongue. Everything is going well :) I was in the weekly peer review the other week showing off some of the things I’ve been working on and got a lot of good feedback.

quick update

So my first week at BlueTongue went smoothly, I spent most of my time learning names and learning a bunch of new programs, heck I even learnt how to use google sketchup. Everyone is really nice, I’ve always had a hard time fitting in but everyone is so nice it’s easy just to start talking to someone. It’s also really nice that I don’t feel shy asking for help. So yes, work has been fun last Thursday we even got free cake. :D

Anyways late night wip before I head to bed:

Still drawing in anime (sigh) but the sketch was drawn in OpenCanvas but I’ll use photoshop to colour it :D

Internship Award

Last year at the end of November I got an e-mail from one of our lecturers saying I had been nominated by the Games Program staff to be interviewed by Blue Tongue for one out of two possible internships. At first I was confused and had no idea what was going on, but a few days later I got an email from Blue Tongue asking to arrange an interview.

About ten others in my year also received the e-mail, all HD scoring, outstanding and hard workers. I felt like I was in high school again trying to get into the games degree but this time a little more scared.

For my interview I bought in my laptop with my website on it, videos and screen shots of Bailter Ray, my sketch book and a poorly stuck together folio of pyweek games. I can’t remember how this had worked out but by the end of the interview I was told that I should try for the level design intern, I didn’t know there was a level design internship, I didn’t even know at the time I was applying for the art intern, I just though I was there to show my stuff and see if they liked my work.
After a number of emails I managed to score myself another interview this time with the Design Director. With a few extra days I improved my folio and found more stuff to show off. Of all the things I showed the pyweek games got the most attention, especially Make Me. <3

It was at the PR355 57AR7 opening night where the winners of the internship awards were announced. I stood there shocked when I heard my name. I, Rebecca Wong had gotten the Level designer Internship.

I start this Monday. :P