Curing the infection… One bullet at a time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, uni for the year finished a few weeks ago. I’m not sure when I start my 3rd year but I get a few months off till then. I’ll do a proper post of work I’ve been doing and report on a few cons I’ve been too… todays post is about Left 4 Dead pretty new game by Valve, y’know Valve… it made half life 2… Team Fortress and Portal! The game has come out but for about five days before the game release the demo was floating around and after many late nights killing zombies with my buddies I have to say it’s some what effected my mind to the point where I’ve started to dream that I’m killing zombies…

Today hanging out with my friends… we plan for the battle to come…


no white board is safe from me!


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