More L4D fanart

Snice drawing my Zoey and boomer pic I had been meaning to draw the others as well…

So we have bill….


but omg! Which infected did he get paired with? =O dun Dun DUUUN~

Man I can’t draw guns >.< I saw some blue plastic guns in an army shop the other day… I wanted to ask if they were for sale and how much but in the end I chicked out and ran away.

This drawing has been a pain in the butt to do so I’m having a rest >.<

Art sketch: Thyme and Lilac

First sketch of the year I guess in a way… I formatted my PC a little while ago, installed a new tablet drive and so now, OpenCanvas, dual screens and tablet are all working well together at last.

So the two in the drawings are teenage versions of two characters of mine, Thyme (the boy) and Lilac (the girl) and why yes, they both look like girls. (Thyme’s left hand is all messed up XP) These two go way back to a comic I’ve been thinking about re-drawing. I’ve felt like drawing a comic for a while now, just couldn’t think up of a short quick storyline I could get done within a few days.

Hm, I might go and see if I can dig up the original comic I drew all those years ago.

I fail at 3D

I’m on holidays! And I’ve been doing some work! wow!

Holy crap, ugly.

I’ve never been good at 3D, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the 3D environment and push vertices into positions so they will create something pretty. Which is why I’m taking some time to improve myself, after all practice makes perfect, sadly from what I’ve notice, (with art in general) there’s a point where things just go messy and ugly (and scary) and you need to keep pushing to get to the pretty stage… too bad for me 3D models go ugly to the point where it’s going to give me nightmares X.x

So anyways, for the past two days I’ve just been making this mock model to help me get back into the swing of things, it looked alright till I had to add details.. y’know… eyes, nose, mouth… arms and hands… :\

A good and bad thing about me is that I seem to linger a fair bit, while I am sick of working on this model and I want to push on and start to unwrap it, I know I’m going to keep fiddling around pushing vertices until I: A. ruin everything or B. make things less scary.

Faces are hard to model, damn you golden ratio, stupid human proportions >.<

Bad photos of drawings I did

Lunch on new years eve was at a burger place called grilled, Alex found one of those little books that customers are allowed to scribe/scribble in. The previous pages were just crap so I added some zombie love =D Marco lens are not the best thing to use when taking photos of drawings I did. Now I know.

Louis vs Tank

Louis vs smoker

Louis vs boomer

Louis vs Hunter

It started off with me just drawing Louis vs tank but slowly I drew the others as well, just for lols.


Happy 2009!

Last night watched the fireworks on TV, after that a really bad movie called “Can’t stop the music” came on and omg… I only watched 20mins of it but this is all that I can remember from it:

It was lol-tastic!

Hope everyone has a happy new year! I’ll try and update this blog more often.