Come on up; anti-villain

Fuuuuu, I was talking to JB about heroes, Anti-heroes and Villains today and so he brings up the topic of anti-villains. So I had to have a look into them >.<

I managed to find this on

“The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and/or virtues. Their desired ends are mostly good, but their means of getting there are evil. Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion.
They reach a kind of critical mass that makes them more good than normal villains but not quite heroes, blurring the line between hero and villain the same way an Anti-Hero does.”

But the Anti-Villain is not the opposite of a anti-hero. The way I see it is that, the Anti-Villain is a character that’s labeled as a villain but you have sympathy for them, good example are Darth Vader and Dr. Horrible.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any “who is your favorite anti-villain” post on reddit but there are “what villain could you sympathize with” and “Reddit, has there ever been a fictional villain you feel sympathy for?” Which are pretty awesome to read :)

I don’t really think I’ll go too deeply into the Anti-Villain, but I’ll see if I can track down any papers on them, JB got me hooked, I gotta learn more about then now.

Good Job Reddit

I was on reddit last night and while looking though the ask reddit section I stumbled across this post:

Reddit, who is your favorite villian?

And then I did a search and found a Anti-hero version as well as a hero version. It’s nice to see what people think and why they think that way. Also much love to the anti-hero one, so many characters there I love.

Hm, I wonder would people answer these questions differently if it said “who is your hero/villain/anti-hero” rather then “who is your FAVORITE hero/villain/anti-hero”

Also Villian? Villain? I’m a bit confused here…

Waste of paper

So while I’ve been reading the making heroes paper I’ve started to noticed that for some reason I have doubles of pages :\ This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, other then the fact the amount of double pages was pretty crazy.


All those are doubles >.< such a waste of paper.

Good Friday Lazy Day

The day started off pretty slow, which lead into a slow afternoon as well, at some stage I finally got some reading done, I’m slowly making my way though the making heroes paper, I hope to have it done by tomorrow. I have a essay for Media and Comm due pretty soon, got a fair bit of reading I need to get done before I can start that.

So today I started thinking a little more about my research project I want to do this year. Basically my current idea is to create a games definition for anti heroes. But I’m also currently dabbling into moral choices in games. I was having a chat with Jesse today and he mentioned that maybe the whole good and evil point system doesn’t need to be used and the player themselves can think if what they have done is a good or bad thing, this basically removes the judgment of moral choices from the game developer, what right do I have to say something is bad when someone else might see it another way. Which kinda leads to some other forms of problems but right now I’m trying to work around that and creating my own system, that’s doesn’t work on the whole good and bad deeds cancel each other out.

I’m so sorry if this post is hard to read, I’ve been writing this thing on and off the past 4 hours >.<

matching mugs

IMG_1773I don’t have much to post today but I have been meaning to post this for a while, the other week I bought a mug to leave at uni (coz I can drink tea and do work like a fancy person) a few days later the very same mug shows up next to mine, I ended up putting my name on my mug just to make sure we don’t get them confused. Also it seems that a honours mug self has started up (away from the kitchen I might add)

Lets home that tomorrow I have something better to post about.

Making Heroes


This lovely stack of papers is what I’m currently reading, it’s actually one thing, I just couldn’t get the stabler to stable the whole stack >.>

The paper is called Making Heroes: The Construction of Courage, Competence, and Virtue, it’s a huge chapter I found in a psychology book, but it’s been super helpful in working out what a hero is. I know it might seem silly to wonder what a hero is but I was trying to think of a story with a hero and I just got to the point of what makes a hero a hero?

I’m only about 1/3 into it but its really helpful.

Role Models vs Heroes

It’s currently 12:48am which is considered late for the current me (a year a go me would have called 3am late) and I can’t sleep, I think my mind is buzzing a little about too much. Earlier today (by which I mean yesterday) my mind wondered about Role Models and Heroes and what are the difference between them.

Let’s take my friend Vince, he’s a role model to me, I want to be more like him. I think he’s a good person, I believe in his actions, I want to share his mind set (the way he sees the world, the way he lets things effect him, etc) But to me Vince is not a hero.

I wonder why?

Ok let’s think about heroes, heroes can be a fictional character and they can be real people. I hope many agree that heroes are labeled heroes for the actions that they do, but heroes have flaws, take Han Solo, he’s very much labeled as a hero but his actions are not the most noble. (I still often wonder why he’s a hero and not a antihero but that’s another topic for another post.) So what makes Han Solo a hero? Well let’s see, and I’m so sorry if I get anything wrong, it’s late. At the start of Star Wars (original trilogy)  Han Solo is only there for a job, yup, he’s just in it for the cash/himself. But later on he changes, he’s not longer just out for himself, he saves the princess and helps the rebels win. So yes hero, he puts the needs before others, the greater good before his own.

So let’s go back to Vince, now I personally would never think Vince being a selfish person, he’s helped me a number of times with so many random things and he’s a very kind person. I think Vince has the whole nobleness down but there’s the greater good lacking, but in everyday world are there many chances to do whats right for the greater good? I’ve seen Vince donate to charity before but does that count? Does everyone who donates to charity a hero?

I tried to compare Vince with a hero of mine and then after much thinking I wasn’t sure who a hero to be would be, I could name heroes, such as superman but to think of a personal hero nothing came to mind, just role models, sure role models are people I’d like to be but I also agree on Superman’s beliefs(?) Superman fights for truth and justice. Superman is also good to people, I too, try and be as good as I can to everyone around me, but superman isn’t my role model and superman isn’t my hero, he’s a hero but not mine.

This might sound a bit crazy but I think age also has something to do with this too, role models are “often” older then you, since you’d want to follow in their footsteps. But heroes can be any age.

Most of this is pretty much just things from my head, not much research has gone into it, other then some of the hero stuff. I’m currently researching what a hero is, you’d think it would be pretty simple but there really is more then meets the eye.

I think I need to start thinking who my heroes are… hmmm… I’m sorry to leave this so open ended, some more thinking needs to be stuffed into it, maybe non late night thinking…

This blog will be talking a lot about Heroes and Villains and Antiheros since these are things I’m going to do my honours on. Enjoy.

stupid stupid stupid me

And again, stupid stupid stupid me, in a rush to get some printing done between class I printed off like 35 A4 pages forgetting I should do two pages per A4 sheet rather then just 1 page.


The pages at the back is what I should have done but instead I get huge ass text on one A4 sheet of paper, ugh stupid stupid biccy. I could have saved half those sheets of paper, also it would have been cheaper on my printing credit uuugh >.< It’s things like this that make me feel very so stupid, little mistakes that will now haunt me forever.

More than a Damsel in a Dress: A Response

I do quite enjoy this video a lot more then the video it’s responding to, to be honest I think this whole feminist/girl power in games is a bit silly.

I feel like in these two videos they avoid female protagonists/ strong female characters, such as Samus from Metroid, or Half Life’s Alyx, Zoey from L4D, and Chell in portal
(I’m sorry I named a lot of Valve games, to be fair I’m rushing this I need to get ready for class soon)

Ugh maybe I’m just missing the point or I don’t care enough.

things for tomorrow

The Easter break is coming up so I need to make sure I have everything I need before we go on break, which pretty much means I need to print a bunch of stuff to last me a week to read…


I started the year off with $20 printing credit, it’s very sad, other students had their credit roll over from the year before and they have like $200, I guess the credit I had 3 years ago is long gone now, but c’mon $20 is a bit small for a degree where you spend like a year writing essays, which need proof reading.

Also because it’s always fun to watch how my room gets more messy the more busy I get here is a nice photo of my desk at it’s cleanest.