tap tap goes the keys

Approaching the second hurdle in honours, I feel like things will get better once I get these essays and assignments in. Tomorrow I had plans to finish a draft of one of my essays, sadly today was taken up with a trip to southland, not for shopping but for tech support. JB’s laptop is currently down, the apple store guy was super nice and managed to pull some strings for us. While his laptop is in the shop I’m leading my Plum to JB so he can do uni work.

There’s like 4 classes left for me this semester and I still have the PC to work on. I am sad that I won’t be able to browse the web in bed tho.


It’s been bloody cold lately, hot chocolate at night is the best however there was a lack of cocoa so tonight’s hot chocolate is a mix of milk, cocoa and Nutella. Yum yum.


Shiny and yummy foods

So posting something a little different today! (coz I’ve been lazing around instead of working)

I got myself a new keyboard… and by “got” I mean went to my brother’s computer and swap his keyboard with my old one. He doesn’t need this shiny thing he never uses his computer any more. I have to say I’m still getting use to the keyboard, the keys are lower and is some what more laptop-like, the area that I rest my palms is smaller and some of the keys are a bit shorter too.

But it’s a pretty neat keyboard annnnnnnnd it lights up in the dark :D


So it’s summer here in the wonderful land of Australia, the start of the week was bloody hot. On Monday, outside it reached mid 40 degrees. Inside RMIT it was nice a cool and once again the idea of instead of going outside into the heat why couldn’t we call for pizza and have it bought to us at RMIT. We ended up going to Nandos for lunch.

Tuesday in the mood for pizza we wondered down to where once was a pizza hut. yup, once was. We arrived at a building that had it’s insides stripped and an empty room.We ended up eating ice-cream at the pancake parlour

That is The Colossal, it comes with one cherry D:

Another day we attempt to go out for pizza we ended up at a Mexican place where we ate nachos and tacos.

It was delicious :D

And then we went for hot chocolate.

By the end of it all, twice we tried to eat pizza but ended up at some awesome places for nom. We’ll have to try and eat pizza again next week.

So that’s all from me for today, I just wanted to post pretty pictures of yummy food :D tune in next time where it’ll be the normal post of the doodles I’ll call art.