Puzzle Path

So here is something I’ve been working recently:

It’s called Puzzle Path, it’s an iPhone game I’ve been doing art work for. (zomg)

Some time after uni had finished I read a post about a bunch of people looking for a 2D artist to help work on an iPhone game they were making. After e-mailing a few mock ups of what I though the game could be like I shortly found myself working for Funburger A duo who are currently located in Korea.

I learnt a fair bit from working on this game, had to look up a few tutorials, learnt some new tricks and short cuts in photoshop. I was also working in a style I wasn’t use to. What I really enjoyed about working on this game was that I pulled knowledge from a whole bunch of different things I had picked up over the years. I also really enjoy the fact that I have something to add to my folio :D

It’s out on the iTunes store now Not anymore >.>

Feel free to buy the game and nic-pick at my art work, my supervisor already has started.

Conor: oh no! found another one… the shadow of the key is too hard
Biccy: stop it stop it D:
Conor: muahahahaha
I’m going to play more just to find bugs!
Biccy: nooooooo