Assignments keep rolling in

Started the final assignment for DIM2 the other day, we’re doing stuff in second life,

I’m not really likening it :\ at lest the window doesn’t have to be full screen so I can do other stuff. Tho makes me wish that my old LCD screen stilled worked.

I think right now I should be some what stressed; I have an assignment due this Friday, stage two of another assignment due on Tuesday (I need to do a walk cycle) and this week is the big manifest week and I’m really not ready X_x Oh well… Thursday will be when I’m running around in panic.

Oh today we also did some 3D lip sinking, it was some-what pretty cool.

Saving sheep finally done!

well last night I finished this flash game I’ve been working on for the past five weeks. Making a flash game for the wii when you don’t own a wii was some what annoying. I had Hamish play my game and test it for bugs but I feel a little un-easy to submit an assignment I haven’t actually seen working 100%. Oh well…

When I have time I’ll upload the computer version of the game, although the way it is now is pretty hard so I might have to make it a bit easier. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to do all the little things I wanted to do, but right now I’m too tired to care, too many late nights. The design doc was left till last and suffered pretty badly, it’s only three pages long and lacks colour and pretty-ness.

Ah the few hours before I start my next flash assignment, the third assignment has something to do with second life… I wonder what we’ll have to do…

Saturday Procrastination

12 hours ago I opened up adobe flash, it’s still open. Found a few more glitches and bugs that I needed to fix and took lots of brakes since I get so side tracked when I’m on my PC.

I’m so close on finishing this game…. and I’m going to finish it before I go to sleep…. and then tomorrow I can work on the design doc. right now I’m just working on the levels

I did some drawing today since I haven’t done so in ages;

yay sketchy

One final thing before I go back to work; today I learned that I get very jumpy if I spend the day home alone X_x

Damn phone and it’s “BEEP” – thankfuly, I didn’t spill my tea

Well today has been some what annoying… actually the past week has been a bit annoying since most of my time has been eaten up by this flash game, I guess that’s my own fault for not dealing with time better and for designing something harder then what it seemed.

Today I have finally taken all my little bits of code and have started to join ‘em together to make some real game play. With that said, I came across a number of problems and as soon as I solved one another problem seemed to come up, but after a bit of fiddling around the problems are pretty much being sort out. I have code that’s being tossed all over my timeline but as messy as it seems it works out well for me.

Why yes, all my screen shots have looked the same lately- I just like to post images

I went over to my brother’s place last night to learn that their wii has the trail browser installed and thus for whatever reason would not play wii games. So today I need to try and get as much as I can and then somehow get my hands on one of the uni wii’s. Or just pray Adam will be nice to me on Monday and let me trail my game before I hand it in. *shrugs*

All I can say is that the game is almost finished, I had to throw out a few ideas since I’m running out of time, I think if I was given another week I could do all the little extra things I want to do, like have the robots “dropping” the sheep, I have an idea of how I would do it but I don’t have the time to screw around, also I want to try and get a high score system in but I don’t think I’ll have the time.
at times I wonder if I didn’t work on pyweek I would have had more time to work on this assignment, but I don’t regret working on pyweek since it did make me work harder on the holidays. So I think pyweek or not, in the end I would be at the same position.

Now brake is over, back to work.

going in circles

I had a go at that for loop again today after a bit of thinking, I was just being stupid yesterday which is why it wasn’t working. but once I got it working I found out that it wasn’t any use :\ how annoying

Currently working on code for the sheep, I added an array yesterday and got it to randomise, today I got it so that the sheep would get removed once a robot got to it. Just have to work out how to get the sheep removed from the array.

I think it’s time for a break, been staring at this screen for a bit too long…Need to work on the wiicade stuff later tonight anyways.

Man… I can’t remember if I’ve explained what my game actually before.. Oh well…