The Lab Room

I actually drew something that wasn’t tf2 related nor was it done half-asses, well ok I got kind-a lazy and tired towards the end of working on it, I really need to stop doing that. XP


The lab room
Tablet (Wacom)
OpenCanvas 3
Photoshop CS3

This is Geno, he’s a character of mine for a comic that’s in my head. I’m not sure why but I felt like drawing him today.

I’ve had an idea for a comic called “The Asylum” in my head for a while now, I’ve got an idea of the world it’s set in, the characters that take place, the way it should end, but I don’t really know what plot I should add to it to make it work all nicely together. It’s one of those things where there are so many things that need to be explained but can’t be done easily. Maybe one day I’ll start writing out a script and see what happens.

Shiny and yummy foods

So posting something a little different today! (coz I’ve been lazing around instead of working)

I got myself a new keyboard… and by “got” I mean went to my brother’s computer and swap his keyboard with my old one. He doesn’t need this shiny thing he never uses his computer any more. I have to say I’m still getting use to the keyboard, the keys are lower and is some what more laptop-like, the area that I rest my palms is smaller and some of the keys are a bit shorter too.

But it’s a pretty neat keyboard annnnnnnnd it lights up in the dark :D


So it’s summer here in the wonderful land of Australia, the start of the week was bloody hot. On Monday, outside it reached mid 40 degrees. Inside RMIT it was nice a cool and once again the idea of instead of going outside into the heat why couldn’t we call for pizza and have it bought to us at RMIT. We ended up going to Nandos for lunch.

Tuesday in the mood for pizza we wondered down to where once was a pizza hut. yup, once was. We arrived at a building that had it’s insides stripped and an empty room.We ended up eating ice-cream at the pancake parlour

That is The Colossal, it comes with one cherry D:

Another day we attempt to go out for pizza we ended up at a Mexican place where we ate nachos and tacos.

It was delicious :D

And then we went for hot chocolate.

By the end of it all, twice we tried to eat pizza but ended up at some awesome places for nom. We’ll have to try and eat pizza again next week.

So that’s all from me for today, I just wanted to post pretty pictures of yummy food :D tune in next time where it’ll be the normal post of the doodles I’ll call art. Update

I want to try and update this blog a little more often then I did last year, which means I just have to keep myself busy with random little things. :P

Anyways today I did a nice big update on my website:

  • I’ve added a links page
  • pyweek games have been posted up, I’m thinking if I should get some videos of them in game or not.
  • puzzle path has also been added to the website :D
  • I’ve also changed the background :P

One day I’ll get around to the 3D side of that website, one day.

Puzzle Path

So here is something I’ve been working recently:

It’s called Puzzle Path, it’s an iPhone game I’ve been doing art work for. (zomg)

Some time after uni had finished I read a post about a bunch of people looking for a 2D artist to help work on an iPhone game they were making. After e-mailing a few mock ups of what I though the game could be like I shortly found myself working for Funburger A duo who are currently located in Korea.

I learnt a fair bit from working on this game, had to look up a few tutorials, learnt some new tricks and short cuts in photoshop. I was also working in a style I wasn’t use to. What I really enjoyed about working on this game was that I pulled knowledge from a whole bunch of different things I had picked up over the years. I also really enjoy the fact that I have something to add to my folio :D

It’s out on the iTunes store now Not anymore >.>

Feel free to buy the game and nic-pick at my art work, my supervisor already has started.

Conor: oh no! found another one… the shadow of the key is too hard
Biccy: stop it stop it D:
Conor: muahahahaha
I’m going to play more just to find bugs!
Biccy: nooooooo

Six Years

There’s an art meme going around showing off your art work over the past 6 years, I’ve been drawing for about 8 or so now, I started off with zero skills :D In the early years I had a lot of free time so I kept drawing, over and over trying to improve myself, I also watched a lot of anime to understand stuff :P


For most of the year I was using pen and paper and a crappy scanner, I had very little idea how to use photoshop and I used the pain bucket a lot. Towards the end of the year I got my first tablet and started to use OpenCanvas.


Still learning how to draw with a tablet I began doing crappy backgrounds. I was playing gaia online around this time and did commissions of people’s avatars.


I stopped drawing background due to laziness. learnt to use the blur tool when colouring skin to make things more smooth. I also started to take images from OC to photoshop to add extra details (like TEXT!) Also eyes became more round.


Started to put colour in backgrounds rather then just leaving them white, also started to get lazy with my colouring as well. Tried to do different poses and what not as well.


Didn’t have much time to draw any more, most of my drawings were for people’s birthdays, I drew images on a larger scale and did my best to add as much detail into the little things as I could


I started to lighten the light art and tried to create softer looking art works. mucked around with OC textures to add detail into things like clothes.


Didn’t have much time in 2009 for art work, I tired to do different things but never really put everything into my art work XP not until the end of semester 2 where I had more free time to drawing.

When I look back on all my art work, it seems as the years went by the busier I got and the less I drew, in fact, in 2009 I did like 5 drawings. how sad.


Happy 2010

Happy New year everyone. New years eve was spent at a friend’s place chillin’ watching DVDs and eating food and drinking non booze drinks. :D
After a number of hot days it began to rain in the evening so we all went for a walk in the rain. Good times.

Plans for 2010: Draw more and go on more adventures. :D