Week 6 – Precursor Project Presentation

So today I had my first major assignment for honours. I hate presentations, I use to be pretty good at them, not any more. The 3 years away from uni have made me rusty when it comes to talking in front of people. Somehow I got though it. My Precursor Project is basically a small slice of what my final project will be. So since I’ve been doing stuff around heroes I turned the table around and focused on the NPCs (non playing characters) within games. For my precursor I ended up drawing a mini story/comic from a testificate’s point of view.

A testificate’s Tale

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6p7p8p9p10p11p12

The End

I guess my Presentation went well, I got some good feedback, but what I think I enjoy the most is the different ways people wrong my name


So we have 2 Biccy, 2 Beccy, 1 Becky and 1 Rebecca. I AM THE GIRL WITH MANY NAMES MUAHAH!

Media Objects Precursor


My precursor presentation is like a story book about some testificates.  I’m not sure why I gave the brown one laser eyes….

Ah I hope it goes well. The slides are done, my story book is done, just got to write me some notes for my speech so I don’t go all “Huuuur…Ummmmm…. guuuuurh…..” even with a speech I’m still going to make a bunch of faces and make stupid cow sounds >.>

I’ll post the comic up tomorrow.

Illustrator and graphs

Did you know Illustrator can draw graphs…

Even pie graphs?!


I didn’t until today!

When I’m looking though blogs and tutorials for photoshop things for Illustrator also come up, so while looking randomly at veerle’s blog I found an entry about making pie graphs in Illustrator.

I had no idea you could draw pie graphs or any other kinds of graphs in Illustrator, my world has opened up a little more! What i find cool about the pie graph tool is, I don’t actually have to use it to draw pie graphs! I know how to draw pacman in Illustrator an easy way now! Hahahahah!