The new aspiring Super-Villain!


From the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, comes Joss Whedon’s newest work: Dr Horrible’s Sign-along blog.
Act one and two are currently up and Act three will be posted on Saturday (aka tomorrow! =D)

The videos are available free online until Sunday, after that you can only get ‘em though iTunes, so stop reading this and get watching!

C’mon and Save me – WIP


It’s been a while since I’ve put this much effort into a drawing X_x Still doing line art and I’m already on layer 5. I’m not liking the proportions =_=; might have to re-do ‘em (bleh!)

C’mon and save me
If you could save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone 

-Save Me by Aimee Mann

Sucking freezies in the rain


Sucking freezies in the rain
Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet
Open Canvas 3
PhotoShop CS2

In the year of my decline
Sucking freezies in the rain
Driving twisted in the suburbs
And then driving back again
Seventeen and half alive
Headlights illuminate the school
Inhale the powder from the science class, yeah nearly dying felt so cool

-Reunion by Stars