Almost week 10

Hm. Just a reminder to myself that I need to hand stuff in at the end of week 13.

So yeah. That’s like 27 days away.

I’m basically in crunch mode right now. And thus the lack of updates.

Here’s a run down of things:

1. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 drafts are done. I’m pretty happy with chapter 1. I need to edit it tomorrow. Chapter 2 needs to be hacked and heavily edited. There is a part in it I don’t like but I feel like it needs to be there because I worked really hard.

2. Game is slowly coming together. Currently I’m turning it from dilemma simulator to first person visual novel game-ness. So far I have 11 out of 20 dilemmas done. I plan to get two more done tonight and spend tomorrow doing the rest. Then working on art and find turning till Friday. (If I’m lucky it takes about half an hour per dilemma)

3. I want to start play testing on week 11 Monday. But I really need to find some play testers. I plan to run around the games wing and find some students some time this week. But first I need some emails.

4. I feel like if I try and do as much work now it means I don’t end up with a traffic jam later down the track. I still have a lot of editing to do and I need to write up chapter 3 and there’s some final things I’d like to add in my game.

5. Don’t panic. And if you are going to panic. Do some work.


They Finally Tested The ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ On Actual Prisoners — And The Results Were Not What You Would Expect

With all the stuff about dilemmas I’ve been doing, it seemed right to reblog this.

Parchment in the Fire

Last week, Australia’s Business Insider magazine published the results of a study conducted by two economists from the University of Hamburg. The findings are of interest because they invalidate some of the key assumptions upon which much economic theory is based:  that human beings are fundamentally self-interested and motivated by their own selfishness. The hypothetical scenario called the ‘Prisoners Dilemma’ has long been a staple of ‘rational choice theory’, whether it is applied in economics or in political science. The idea behind the scenario is that the game is set to provide incentives for prisoners to betray their partner in crime in order to save their own skin. This form of ‘game theory’ was notoriously referred to as ‘Fuck you buddy,’ by the American mathematician John Nash. Ironically, for a branch of social science that prides itself on being as ‘scientific’ as possible, this prisoner’s dilemma had never actually been…

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Awww yeah

Doing some renpy today. I’m slowly adding in new code. Like today I have it so the player can input their own name :D

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.35.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.35.34 PM

Aw yeah, so proud of myself. Backgrounds are much needed. But I have art work in the game… kinda… All NPCs currently have their “relaxed” faces in. To me relaxed faces are often the faces that look angry.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.35.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.40.17 PM

Please note, Apple has an Apple clip in her hair now, which is something I kept forgetting to give her. I also tried to give her arms and face freckles but it made her look sickly so I just gave a few on the cheeks.

Anyways. Things are coming along nicely.

Today I was a bit worried that I’m not going to have everything done and I wanted to kick myself for picking something so big. But I feel a lot better now. I have custom name and I can italic text :D

Week 9 start!

So last friday we had to hand in our draft. I handed in about 7,000 words. Which ended up about 17 pages (non-double sided). I was pretty shocked at how big the stack of papers were. I wonder how big the exegesis is going to be once it’s finished.


So with the draft out of the way (for now) I can get back into the game. I plan to do some play testing around week 10/11. The sooner the better but at the same time it means less time for me to work on the game. My plans for this week is add more art work and add in banter between the NPCs. Currently the game feels very cold and player choices are so meaningless.

Anyways, in other news I updated my phone to iso7. It’s so pretty. I also have a new background on my phone. So much love *_*


Milestone 1

We are handing in our drafts today. I’m only handing in chapter 1 and 2 because chapter 3 is analysis of my game.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.14.51 AM

There’s a lot that needs fixing but I don’t think it’s too bad. My supervisor has been reading it each week as I work on it. It’s going to need to be cut down later. As you can see it’s almost at 7000 words. An exegesis only has 8000 and I still have another chapter, Introduction, conclusion and a few other things to write.

It’s better to write more and take away then write to little and try to fatten it up.

Anyways with this draft almost out of the way I can start full speed on getting the game done. I’d like a better name then “escape”. I was thinking maybe something with labyrinth in it. “Escape the labyrinth”? That’s kinda lame. hmm.

I am a research student…

Writing is not my strong point. It never has and never will be. I always find it hard to express myself via text and everything else. This is why I’m always using emoticons. In fact I find it hard to type without them. When I was in high school I was labelled as “slow” (in everything but maths).

100% of the time I will sit at my computer and pull faces and wave my arms like a crazy person before I type something out. And I always have a hard time coming up with the words I need to say. When I talk to friends in person I always pull these faces and use these crazy going-to-hit-someone arm motions. When I write I often use little emoticons. This isn’t limited to the computer. I will draw smily faces on notes.

Being bad a writing is not the best thing you want when you are a research student. This past year as a research student has been really hard on me. I’m not a fast reader, I don’t always understand things first time around, I’m not a good writing and I’m really bad at spelling, if it wasn’t for auto spell check no one would be able to understand anything I write. I don’t think I am a very smart person.

But video games are different. Video games are the one thing that I doesn’t make me stupid. I mean other then rock band that requires me to have eye hand coordination as long as I keep trying I solve the puzzle or beat that stage.

What’s more amazing is that I am actually good at designing games. Not to brag or anything. But the games I design, make and work on alway end up with good feed back.

I’ve always liked doing things I’m good at. I want to know more about the things I love and so I became a research student.

I’ll keep trying to improve my writing but I know it will never be as good as it should be. But that’s ok.

Characters finals… kinda…

So here’s the line up of everyone last week: Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.44.42 PM

And here are them in their final forms!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.41.29 AM

I very much like the new design of Apple, however before I was having problems with Apple and Lady looking like they belonged in the same world. To fix this I ended up redrawing Lady making her a little less skinny before and for Apple I ended up thinning her arms.

I changed Guy’s pose and fixed up his hair. The fact that his eyes are un-even are a little annoying. I think I’ll need to go back and fix them.

Oh I also forgot to draw the freckles on Apple. I’ll need to add those.

We need to hand in a draft at the end of this week which I’m doing my best to get done, however I decided that it would be more fun doing some art work.

Random news

I think the facebook iphone app knows to me too well.

IMG_2253 IMG_2257

In other news I just got this e-mail:



yeeeeah ethics out of the way! Yeeeeeeah.

And now I’m a bit more scared of everything. I need to get this game done and get it testing. Gosh. I am scared. not stressed. Just scared. of like everything.