Pixen First Impressions

I bought Pixen the other day from the app store. It cost me about $10 something AUD I finally got around to using it today. So far all I’ve done is made a little purple cube. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pixen is a  pixel art editor for mac OS. It’s not that bad but could do with some improvements.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.09.57 pm

So the biggest problem I have with Pixen is that it doesn’t have panning. As someone who uses a lot of photoshop I just expected that I could hold space bar and be able to move around the canvas, this was not the case. While zoomed in I needed to use the scroll bars, which isn’t a bad thing but I feel like it slows me down. Pixen does have a “move” function but that moves the image.

My second problem with Pixen is probably stupid. On the top left there are two little icons a clock/timer and a little graph. These are the Recent Colors and Frequency Palette. They are alright in their own way and the frequency palette isn’t that bad. The frequency palette will store whatever colours you have been using, this is neat unless you are indecisive and can’t choose which shade of purple you want to use and end up with the frequency palette filled with 5 million shades of purple. I do wish I could hide the recent colors and frequency palette. I’m not sure if you can, so far it looks like you can’t. 

Thirdly (and finally) another thing that annoys me with Pixen is that you can’t hide the cursor while in pen mode. It’s a little distracting and hard to explain.

Anyways, on the plus side of things pixen is pretty damn good for what you pay. Here’s a few things I like about Pixen:
1. Live preview (lets you see your image at size 100% while you are zoomed in working on your pixel art)
2. Custom colour palettes, unlike the Recent Colours and Frequency Palette you can create and store the colours you want and will carry on into any new files you create.
3. Background settlings! Comes with Flat colour and checkered background. Also allows you to use an image as a background.
4. Layers!
5. Animations!
6. Grid!

That’s it for now. This is just my first impression. I’ll update again after I do a few more things. So far it seems pretty good value. But if you want to try pixel art you can also do it in Photoshop and MS paint, maybe then get Pixen if you find yourself enjoying doing pixel art (or keep using whatever you were using).

Outside? What’s that?

So on Thursday JB and I went to visit his family on Philip island, and since arriving I have not gone outside. There is like another house and a park between JB’s family home and the beach. It’s been kinda cold these past few days, I’ve spent most of my time on the island in bed, wrapped in a blanket with the laptop. Today actually seems warm enough for a walk to the beach… but I am pretty cosy right now.

I downloaded the wunderlist app the other night and started a todo list of all things I need to do, there’s the assignments for RMIT and there’s like all the readings I need to do. The list keeps growing >.<

Last night I read chapter 4 of Alien Phenomenology, still got chapter 5 to go. *sigh* Every time I see my chapter 4/5 print out of alien phenomenology I’m reminded of how stupid I am and how I could have saved paper by doing 2 pages per A4.

Today I’m reading something called “Berger Extract” which I keep calling “Burger Extract”. Because I am a lame person and I have a bad habit of misreading things and sticking to them that way. JB is still annoyed at me for “Scared Steven

Lately I haven’t been updating my blog with photos, which for me is a little sad, since I like how it looks, but while on holiday I’m on my mac and to transfer photos from the phone to the mac is a pain, coz it won’t let me transfer one photo, I have to transfer ALL of them. So yeah, stuff that.

Puzzle Path

So here is something I’ve been working recently:

It’s called Puzzle Path, it’s an iPhone game I’ve been doing art work for. (zomg)

Some time after uni had finished I read a post about a bunch of people looking for a 2D artist to help work on an iPhone game they were making. After e-mailing a few mock ups of what I though the game could be like I shortly found myself working for Funburger A duo who are currently located in Korea.

I learnt a fair bit from working on this game, had to look up a few tutorials, learnt some new tricks and short cuts in photoshop. I was also working in a style I wasn’t use to. What I really enjoyed about working on this game was that I pulled knowledge from a whole bunch of different things I had picked up over the years. I also really enjoy the fact that I have something to add to my folio :D

It’s out on the iTunes store now Not anymore >.>

Feel free to buy the game and nic-pick at my art work, my supervisor already has started.

Conor: oh no! found another one… the shadow of the key is too hard
Biccy: stop it stop it D:
Conor: muahahahaha
I’m going to play more just to find bugs!
Biccy: nooooooo