The end of google reader


It’s really quite sad that google is planning to shut down their reader. I’ve been using google reader for as long as I can remember, like since 2007. I’m going to be super sad to see it gone (All of me hopes that in the end it will stay) In order to get ready I’ve started looking at replacement RSS readers, which is a lot harder then you’d think, they either cost money or are based on google reader. Also since the news a lot of other people are now also on the hunt for a new RSS reader, silly google, you say that there’s been a declined in use yet all other sites are crashing from the over flow.

Now you might noticed that on my list I have 3 blogs, the very top one is my original blog which I had while doing the games degree, the reason why it’s still on my feed and not removed because (and this is one of the big reasons I loved reader) I could still view my old blog via reader despite the fact that the website that once hosted that blog is long gone. So once google reader is gone I’m worried my old Blog will be gone with it, so over the next few months I think I’ll be uploaded old entries from Blog of Biccy to here. I’ll be using the tag “Blog of biccy” to stop any confusing… I hope… I just want to be able to keep a history of my work/life.