Internship Award

Last year at the end of November I got an e-mail from one of our lecturers saying I had been nominated by the Games Program staff to be interviewed by Blue Tongue for one out of two possible internships. At first I was confused and had no idea what was going on, but a few days later I got an email from Blue Tongue asking to arrange an interview.

About ten others in my year also received the e-mail, all HD scoring, outstanding and hard workers. I felt like I was in high school again trying to get into the games degree but this time a little more scared.

For my interview I bought in my laptop with my website on it, videos and screen shots of Bailter Ray, my sketch book and a poorly stuck together folio of pyweek games. I can’t remember how this had worked out but by the end of the interview I was told that I should try for the level design intern, I didn’t know there was a level design internship, I didn’t even know at the time I was applying for the art intern, I just though I was there to show my stuff and see if they liked my work.
After a number of emails I managed to score myself another interview this time with the Design Director. With a few extra days I improved my folio and found more stuff to show off. Of all the things I showed the pyweek games got the most attention, especially Make Me. <3

It was at the PR355 57AR7 opening night where the winners of the internship awards were announced. I stood there shocked when I heard my name. I, Rebecca Wong had gotten the Level designer Internship.

I start this Monday. :P

Art DeadEnd

Sometimes I think I’m just not improving with my art work. I’ve been looking at some really good artists early works and I have to say they look a lot like when I started drawing, but over time they began to pull away and created their own art style. Then I go and look at my work and while I have gone a long way at the same time I still feel very main steam, I’m stuck in a “alright” artist position when I really want to be an awesome artist.

So due to my increase of tf2 fan art I kinda want to pull away from the anime and manga style that I love so dearly and go more cartoony and maybe from there a bit realistic. I use to think if I could change the way I drew faces it’ll be alright, but as I do a bit of studying and looking around it’s more then just the face and head shape, the body seems to help with the art style as well and the way you colour.

I suppose I really should put all those anatomy books I have to use and do some study. I also need to learn how to draw hands… that are attached to arms and such, I can draw hands… just not very well and they look even worst when attached.

*fail artist*


Feb 14 2010

So this year, this Sunday was a pretty big day.
1. Chinese New year
2. Amy’s 21st
3. Valentines day

I did a drawing in my sketch book for Chinese new year but I haven’t gotten around scanning it yet… and at times I don’t know if I ever will scan it in.

Spy Romance is a parody of “bad Romance” and it makes me lol so much :D

I later took the drawing into photoshop and changed the background a bit.


Hope everyone had a good Sunday :P

A blue Ryvin

I was talking to Conor the other day about screen recording software and he mentioned using VirtualDubMod, a open source video capture and linear processing tool for Microsoft Windows. (in other words I duno how to explain it what vdub does) Vdub is actually a program I’ve used before back in the days when I tried to make AMVs. Anyways basically now when I want to record myself drawing, instead of having a hissy fit about the codex being wrong and not letting me do anything with the video file I can pretty much toss my recording into Vdub and save as the video into a format that I can work with.


A Blue Ryvin
Wacom Tablet
OpenCanvas 3

Mail For Biccy

Since I didn’t go to my graduation I had to get my diploma mailed to me.

I wasn’t actually expecting it to arrive for a while…

But this came for me today. (isn’t my tiny hat awesome?)

WhooOoooo, it’s offial now. I’m not longer a student D:

“With Distinction” that’s a good thing yeah? yeah? yeah?

This also came in the mail.

Now I shall go on a hunt for a frame. The diploma is a stupid size, it’s some what like A3 but it’s a bit longer and thinner. (LAME)