PyWeek 17 – Moon

Pyweek is once again on! For those who don’t know pyweek is a bi-yearly game challenge where people attempt to make a game in python within a week. I haven’t taken part since 2009. I’ve always wanted to try pyweek again however I need to wait for my current programmer to level up a little bit more.

However, I do like to use pyweek as a design challenge. I might not be able to make a game on my own but it doesn’t stop me from trying to design a game around the theme. This pyweek’s theme is “Moon”.

So when it comes to deigning a game within a week you need to remember you have a week and only a week. So keep it simple stupid. It’s good to know what you can do. And if you are working with a programmer it’s good to know what they can do.

Next comes the theme. Like in iron chief the theme needs to be the key. It needs to tie the game together. Many ideas come from the theme of “moon”, space is the first thing that comes to mind.

But why limit yourself. If you can think up as many ideas as you can. Ideas also can come from anywhere.

From space I went back to earth and I though a game about shadows created from the moon. Which turned into a thief game. The moon became the rarest gem in the world and you using shadows needed to steal it. I stuck with this idea for most of the time. Trying to think how to improve it.

This morning I was on reddit (like always) I saw this photo of something called a Moon Jellyfish, these tiny Jelly fish that seem to glow. So This new idea was created.

Within the night you explore the ocean, avoiding enemies who will eat you. You search for other Jellyfish. You use moon beams to recharge your glow and you need to find all the other Jellyfish before the sun rises. And because I wouldn’t sleep I drew a few sketches of the game.


I couldn’t really think of a way to win. I though maybe you needed to find yourself a mate but then the stupid hit me and I was like fuck it. You need to find all the jellyfish and have an awesome rave party.


If you glowed in the dark why the hell would you NOT have a rave party?

Maybe one day I’ll have time to make this game. It might be a fun project for me and JB to do.

Roll over Pi, a new star is flying high

Thank you pyweek, took me so long to think up an idea for dust bunnies that Alex approved of and you go and make your theme “The length of a piece of String” gee, some people.

So yes, pyweek 7 has come and gone. It’s been a some what relaxing week. Once again working with Alex, (coz I can’t program with python) we made a picture-book feel kite game.

The original game idea was of a kite that went around eating others kites which added length to it’s string which allowed it to fly high!

That idea changed little and slowly became with what we ended up with… for this pyweek Alex has seemed to have run with many of my more stupid ideas… The game is currently available for download at our pyweek page if you play the game all the way to the end and get to the credits the lovely little song you get was also one of my many stupid ideas I didn’t think Alex would actually want to do.

At times I think this game would have done really well for pyweek 4 where the theme was “The only way is up”but back then I didn’t know what python was and I believed that pyweek was when you spent a week eating pies… damn you Jesse…

Anyways… Have a play of Kite Story it came out a lot better then what I though it would. And since it was a pretty simple idea the game has been polished pretty well ^_^



Remember how I said Alex and I was making a game for pyweek? well… 2 week after the deadline, and the voting finished, our game came 3rd place. And we rank 9th on the all games list. Shortly after that, with bugs fixed and an expanded map, Make me is now available for download for Mac and PC and source code for if you can’t get those running…

I hope everyone who downloads Make Me enjoys it. ^_^

I think Make Me has been one of my bigger achievements in my life, I don’t know if that is sad or not.

I have a number of things I need to do for uni, more assignments and home work; but I at lest have about a day I can waste doing no work X3 yay sleep.

PyWeek 6!

PyWeek is on! Alex is once again entering the challenge and this time round I’m here giving him more work to do helping him out! I’m not sure how it happened but I’m glad it did, I get to draw art that will be used in a game =D *yays*

The theme for pyweek6 is robots. So we’re making a game about a little robot I’ve named P1 (π)- I wasn’t sure if I wanted the spelling to be Py, since like everything python related is Py… but he’s name is P1 since he’s a robot and numbers work well with robots.
P1 has a lot of forms, so here is a line up of some of his forms…


(my apologizes for the huge-ass watermark- but better safe then sorry)

I’m actually not too sure how much information I’m allowed to share…I mean we don’t want the others teams to steal our ideas (tho I’m sure they won’t read/find this blog) but at the same time, it’s not like we are doing this for money and have to keep everything under lock and key and not let any one know anything… Heck we even have a diary (that you should check out) where we post screen caps and how we are going.

anyways… I’ve wasted enough time… back to drawing… I got to draw baddies and money tonight!