Game news

Steam came out on mac earlier this week. And with that valve is giving away Portal for free :D

If you don’t know portal is a short puzzle game where by thinking with portals you solve puzzles :D (if you want a non-lame explanation of portal I suggest you go and goggle it) You play as a test subject working for Aperture Science. An AI known as GLaDOS is your guild though out the game. And you go test chamber by test chamber with the promise of cake.

I really like portal, it was in a way the first computer game I had played and finished. It’s the game that started it all (But L4D is the game that me trigger happeh :D )

Anyways, so if you are a mac or a PC user I recommend you get Portal, just please remember; Portal came out in 2007, while the jokes might be new to you, we have all heard ‘em before and some of them have been worn out due to idiots who don’t know when to shut up.

Other game news is that Conor is doing is iPhone course again at RMIT. So if games on the iPhone or iPad is something you’d like to developed for and you have the time, I recommend you check it out. Conor was a excellent supervisor for my 3rd year project so you will be in good hands :D

New Item Acquired!

At last it’s done! (well… done for now) I started this project back in February, the bulk of everything was done in February but after a while I worked on it on and off, it was manly redoing the coat of paint. :)

Anyways, so I made myself an ubersaw coz I was bored. It’s mainly made from cardboard :D

Now if you don’t know the ubersaw is a unlockable weapon for the Medic in TF2, and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am a fair bit of a tf2 fan :P

So I wanted to make an ubersaw that would be scale to me. I started off with a few images of the medic holding an ubersaw and worked out an arm-to-ubersaw ratio. Measured my arm and in photoshop I printed out a 1:1 scale of the ubersaw.

Using the 1:1 I got tracing paper and broke the ubersaw into pieces I could make.

I started off with the handle, originally I had tried to make the whole thing out of layers of cardboard, but cutting out that shape over and over wasn’t working, instead I got balsa wood and used them as support “beams” between two sheets of cardboard.

The “blade” part was made from cardboard too.

The blade was broken up into parts as well and all the little parts were made from more cardboard and tape and would slide into each other forming the whole blade.

I wanted to try and harden the cardboard so I went with a mix of using newspaper and tissue paper paper mache.

The handle and the blade were keeps as separate parts for most of the making, it wasn’t untill paint did I stick them together with a bit of super glue and paper mache. But I often liked putting them next to each other to see what the final product would look like.

The middle tube bit, which I have no idea what is called was made from a thick cardboard tube I had laying around. And at this point I had run out of masking tape and was using duct tape.

It was at this point where I had started to stop working on the ubersaw. And thus forgot to take photos XD (hahahaha fail) But anyways, after a paper mache layer over the tube and some sand papering down some bumps, I used a wooden chopstick as the needle. Glued the blade and handle together and got to work on painting the thing. I ended up with a number of coats since I was never really happy.

I’m quite proud of the final product, I don’t have the space or tools to make things out of wood. It’s not perfect and it is made about 95% cardboard but I’m really happy with it. I’m thinking about throwing some stage blood on it and calling it a final :P But yup, I has an ubersaw now :D

Next time I make something I’ll try and take more photos ^_^



Quick sketch coz I felt like drawing something. No recording since it was a whim sort of thing and I’m too lazy to sort out all the things that’s needed to make one of those videos D: they actually take longer to do then drawing the pic, crazy.

Tomorrow I start my third month at Blue Tongue. Everything is going well :) I was in the weekly peer review the other week showing off some of the things I’ve been working on and got a lot of good feedback.