Arkham Asylum first Impressions

So steam had Arkham Asylum on sale for 22bucks if you bought Just cause along side with it, and seeing that buying both games together was cheaper then buying batman on it’s own I went the cheapos path.

So this is the first batman game I’ve ever played, and while I have only played an hour of it so far here’s what’s on my mind: it starts off really slow, you spend around 15 minutes slowly walking behind Joker as he is being taken to his cell, and when you finally get to hit something I found myself button mashing. Well I found myself just left clicking a lot.

I have to hold down space bar to run and for some reason whenever batman wants to chat on his USB ear piece he can no longer run :\ Doors take ages to open and everything seems to be a combo of the LMB, W, space bar and ctrl.Sure you will use x and z now and then but space bar is the magic little key that does everything, to run hold space bar to jump over something when you are near this something press space bar, to pull yourself up press space bar to open vents press space bar, I suppose it’s good since I can never remember what keys do until I don’t need to know them any more.

I don’t really like it how I don’t have control over the save functions, save points where I check in would be pretty neat since when I wanted to quit the game it was all like “are you sure you want to quit? any unsaved data will be lost” and I’m like “fuck when was the last time I saved?”

The menu and settings are a bit annoying when starting up batman you first get a small window that has the control panel, this holds the thing I find most important, screen resolution. Although after a bit more thinking I can see why they have done this since Arkham asylum is also found on consoles. it’s still bloody annoying, another annoying thing is that I needed a Windows Live account in order to be able to save :|

Graphic wise and gameplay not too bad, while I am mindlessly smashing the LMB it allows me to watch the wonderful flow of attacks. While I have been complaining about elements of the game I am finding the game very exciting, to me it’s some what new with the whole action and stealth, sneaking up behind people to take ‘em out instead of running in head on is a bit of a change I’ll need to get use to.

I’ve heard good things about Batman Arkham Asylum so I’ll keep playing it.