Bunny gal

Look what I’ve been doing:


I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt =D

Had a look at a few tutorials, took me around four hours, I think next time it won’t take me as long and hopefully I’ll get better. Did have some fun doing this it reminded me of the times when oekaki was really popular for me.

Look, work in progress:

1. original sketch done in OpenCanvas
2. Taken into Photoshop for clean line art; done with Pencil took size 1px
2. Basic colour added
4. Add detail and a bit of shading
5. Finish shading and highlights

Final image is same as 5 but with the black outline changed to colour outline. I’m still a little confused if this is actually pixel art for not *shrugs* I think I need to improve on the hair. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow