I fail at 3D

I’m on holidays! And I’ve been doing some work! wow!

Holy crap, ugly.

I’ve never been good at 3D, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the 3D environment and push vertices into positions so they will create something pretty. Which is why I’m taking some time to improve myself, after all practice makes perfect, sadly from what I’ve notice, (with art in general) there’s a point where things just go messy and ugly (and scary) and you need to keep pushing to get to the pretty stage… too bad for me 3D models go ugly to the point where it’s going to give me nightmares X.x

So anyways, for the past two days I’ve just been making this mock model to help me get back into the swing of things, it looked alright till I had to add details.. y’know… eyes, nose, mouth… arms and hands… :\

A good and bad thing about me is that I seem to linger a fair bit, while I am sick of working on this model and I want to push on and start to unwrap it, I know I’m going to keep fiddling around pushing vertices until I: A. ruin everything or B. make things less scary.

Faces are hard to model, damn you golden ratio, stupid human proportions >.<

3D island – UV maps and textures


I think my 3d modeling skills have improved over the year, I skill kind-a suck at un-wrapping UVs and applying textures, but I’m slowly getting there. (There’s still some textures I need to do)

I’m really likening my island, few more things to model but it’s looking good. Now, I need to try and make myself a timetable to try and get this done in time.Time to work on some other assignments

Imaging And Animation Island

Oh god, why didn’t I think of this sooner;

I re-started my major assignment for Imaging and Animation, I didn’t like where the last one was going so I scrapped it. This time around I added the original sketch of my island design which is making things some what easier. Four-ish hours later I’m just a little bit a head of where the previous island was at.


Today was been a pretty good day, while procrastinating I found a unused sketch book (score!) and I found my design sketches for Kite story (as well as a few sketches for the game idea before Kite Story). I’m some what tempted to get myself another display book and make a folio, just simply because I like making folios and as a plus side I can use it in interviews, I also just like the idea of havening something to flip though.

Anyways… Like so many others after the manifest weekend I’ve caught the manifest flu, so I’m going to go take a rest and head back to procrastinating.

3D island – WIP

Well the battery on my laptop is almost out so I guess this is a good time to take a break,
Screen shot of work I’ve done so far today:

yup… that’s my island so far… 3D is not my strong point.

Major assignment for Imaging and Animation, I have to create an animation to pitch a game project. Basically what I have to do is; make an 3D level, render it, take some nice money shots and do a short 20-ish second animation showing it off.

My poor attempt at an 3D island makes me sad =_=; I’ll post sketches of what I hope it’ll look like in the end later.

I’ve forgotten what I’m meant to be doing


What did we learn last week? LIGHTING! What did we learn this week? LIGHTING! What are we learning next week? MORE LIGHTING!

One of my uni subjects this semester is called Digital Paint, Lighting and Printing, or something on those lines, (DPLP for short). We spend about four weeks on each topic, this is my first assignment, to make six different lighting set-ups.

Lovely Maya with it’s many little buttons and things to fiddle with makes my mind go blank when it comes to changing the settings with the lighting properties.

Key Light, Fill Light, Rim Light, One-point, Two point, Three-point, Colour, Spot light, Hard Light, Soft Light, Ambient, Directional, Point, Area, Volume… etc etc etc….