Illustrator and graphs

Did you know Illustrator can draw graphs…

Even pie graphs?!


I didn’t until today!

When I’m looking though blogs and tutorials for photoshop things for Illustrator also come up, so while looking randomly at veerle’s blog I found an entry about making pie graphs in Illustrator.

I had no idea you could draw pie graphs or any other kinds of graphs in Illustrator, my world has opened up a little more! What i find cool about the pie graph tool is, I don’t actually have to use it to draw pie graphs! I know how to draw pacman in Illustrator an easy way now! Hahahahah!


Praise me! Praise me!

Last week I wrote about my last assignment for MC2, it was an research analysis assignment where all I basically did was read papers and wrote what I found in those papers and then show the class my findings.
The topic is choice for my analysis was Emoticons and I called my presentation:


SMS me a smile: Emoticons and all their wonders

Today I had my talk, showed my power point and ranted about emoticons. I went over the topics: what are emoticons, how the pager was used as a telecommunication device before the mobile was introduced, I explained where the Japanese emoticons (kaomoji) came from and what some of the faces mean, talked about the use of emoticons on the internet, mainly talking about: E-mails, chat rooms and websites, also mentioned how people react to emoticons and I ended my talk with saying that emoticons can be an extension of the body. So, after an odd 10 minutes of me getting tongue tied, tripping over words and their pronunciation and mumbling my talk was finished.

At the end of the class I asked my lecturer for some feed back on how I went and she handed me over my assessment sheet. And omg.


A HD (HD = High Distinction = 80-100) And not just any HD, A HD++! Ah, it made me happy, since I had been worried for the past two-three weeks I was going to screw this up.


drawing – WIP


Not sure where to start on my home work I though I’d do some drawing… but now I’m a bit tired of drawing. I’ll try and finish this off later when I feel like drawing again.
Haven’t come up with a name for this piece, thus the “drawing – WIP” title.

On my wall is a list of what I need to do… but nothing seems fun :\ I’m just killing time right now.

MC2 last assignment – anyone got a highlighter?

Final assignment for MC2, I’m still not really 100% sure what we are doing for this >.> I think it’s a case study, where we read about a topic and pick an issue and present it to the class, without saying what we think about the issue or adding in our own personal beliefs.


Final assignment for MC2, I’m still not really 100% sure what we are doing for this >.> I think it’s a case study, where we read about a topic and pick an issue and present it to the class, without saying what we think about the issue or adding in our own personal beliefs.

Elevator, elevator, take me home


I’m so hard for the rich girl
Her heels so high and my hopes so low
‘Cause I don’t know how to love

Well this is rare, I find myself with no assignment due within the week (since I’m pretty much almost at the end of the week) so I have this thing called spare time on my hands…and after a few hours of mindless nothingness I find myself listening to a play list of love songs (since all songs are some-what love-based) and the mood to draw something.

It’s been a while since I drew and coloured something in for myself. Tho I don’t think I’ll finish it, it’s just not what I had in mind…. The song I’m being inspired by is Elevator Love Letter by Stars. You can see their video clip on youtube. The lyrics in the song are just love. My favorite line has to be “I’m so hard for the rich girl” because it’s just win. You should also listen to your Ex-Lover is dead because it’s just as much win.

Don’t go, say you’ll stay
Spend a lazy Sunday
In my arms, I won’t take
Anything away

Kiki WIP


Not bad for about half a day of modelling, actually it’s probably less since I’ve been doing it on and off. Woke up finished my DPLP assignment (omg finished an assignment a day/24+ hours before it’s due.) then started started on this. Had a few hours off for lunch and general slacking. Came back to it for some more working… You can kind-a tell I’ve left the harder things left for last… I’m not looking forward to doing her head, BUT I shall cheat and done of them them anime heads that look so scary in 3D XD And then the texture will cover it up and all shall be good.

Hm, I suddenly remembered something from a few years back, when I was in year 12 for Vis com our teacher brought in a Lecturer from RMIT (Who has actually been taking me for DPLP for the past 8 weeks) as a guest speaker. She was showing us some of her animations and others of her work. The one thing I was really impressed with was the fact that she made her own 3D models from scratch, back then that really seemed huge to me. Just that she could make an animation from scratch. It was really cool. She was actually the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing now because she left such an impression on me. Anyways, the program that she used was maya and suddenly I can’t really believe that I’m using that same program to build my 3D character and that they are teaching me how to use it in class and I don’t know, being all sappy with my little trip down memory lane.

over load

This is currently how I feel:


fear my poorly drawn hair! too lazy to make it messy

Actually if you think about it, that’s how I always feel. (lol) Anyways, so I’m taking a short rest from all my work to update on what I’ve been up to.

Next week my next DPLP assignment is due, been playing around in Painter some more,


the second assignment is crazy stuff! We have a photo, we take colours from that photo and using the colours we have picked we are to create like an abstract image yet someone have it look similar to the original photo… this is a lot harder because I keep ending up with images that look like the above screen cap. I spend my time in class today going “Is this abstract?!
The image behind is my second go at abstract, looks more abstract then the one in front, but oh my god, abstract can be so ugly.

3rd Assignment for my 3d Character class is to create a 3d character, rig it and make it run.


This is who I came up with. I named her Kiki coz I need to name things. I’ve spent today’s evening drawing up a front and side view I can use in Maya so I can start to build Kiki. I have to say, after working on my head I’m some what not looking forward building a whole character. it makes me go meep.

game for the mobile


We have a menu!

Um, the thing was actually due in Thursday (the 1st) so it’s actually done and finished, but I’m just hacking at the code to make it more user friendly… also because the way things are set up are annoying me and must be fixed X_x I also want to add a load screen before I actually upload it… yeah…. After handing this in I felt a lot less stressed, which is good =D