Mouseless for half a day

My mouse ran out of batteries today so I had to spend most of my morning/afternoon with the tablet. A smart person would have gone and used the backup mouse, but I’m not a smart person.

So have some art that I’ll probably never finish:

I also did some work on my DIM2 assignment, I have most of the code I need for one part, tomorrow I’ll work on it to make it wii-friendly…

The themes for pyweek 7 was released today, I need to try and get as much work done on my assignments this week.

C’mon and save me


C’mon And Save Me
Wacom tablet
OpenCanvas 3
Photoshop CS2

Finally finished! It’s a pitty I slacked off with the background, I might make another copy where you don’t have the background and it’s just the characters. I like the flowers, I took some time to do them :3

Hm. Now what should I do.

Broken Bride

Too much Ludo and Corpse Bride 


Broken Bride
Wacom tablet
OpenCanvas 3
Photoshop CS2

Kind-a between assignments right now, I just handed in a few last week so right now I’m at that stage where I don’t feel any rush to work on any of the newer assignments, so I’m doing other stuff. =D

Sigh, I don’t know what to do for my second assignment for DIM2

Crania II: Moe’s Adventures Abroad Stache Forest


Finished the game around 6:30pm yesterday. Sadly by the time we had finished we couldn’t be stuffed to test for bugs, I’m hoping it’ll work just fine.

I think this is the fasted I’ve ever uploaded an assignment after finishing it. I mean I still haven’t uploaded Maple memory, and I did that last year. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Crania II: Moe’s Adventures Abroad Stache Forest

Now don’t mind the fact that the page says “Deep Sea Dash” I forgot to change the title of the page =_=; I’ll fix it up later, I plan to work on Maple Memory a bit later today/tomorrow so I’ll do it then… or just forget about it till someone bugs me enough to change it.

Procrastinating with art

Been back to uni for the past three weeks, I’ve got a few assignments due this coming week. For my Imaging and Animation class our final assignment is to create a island 3d level in Maya. Stage one is due this week, we have to hand in a development document, basically saying what we want our island to look like. I was meant to do some island sketches but I just ended up doodling

sketch03Ok, it’s not really a doodle

Right… back to google images searching for reference, it doesn’t really help that my internet has been capped and disconnects on me now and then =_=