Convention Spam

Today I spent the day sitting in front of my computer editing photos I’ve taken at the conventions I’ve been to these past few months. Fun times, really. Most of the photos are of the cosplay comps held and said conventions.

Manifest 2008
Manifest was held in September about two week after pyweek, I was actually at manifest when the results were announced. I learnt that Kite Story had won via a text, this lead to me running around Melbourne uni looking for people I knew to tell the good news too, hehe.

On the Friday Manifest I wore a lolita dress a friend of mine from uni made. It was kind-a funny to see peoples reactions to me all dressed up like a girl. I only made one cosplay for Manifest this year which I wore on the weekend. Cosplayed as a character called Sayoko from an anime called Code Geass, she’s also known as a ninja maid. It was fun.

Armageddon 2008
Few weeks after Manifest some time in October was Armageddon. I wasn’t originally going to go to Armageddon since I didn’t have enough time to make a new cosplay and I think I had a few assignments to do. But in the end I came along for the Sunday Armageddon where I was dragged around as bag bitch and holding things for my friend in cosplay who won Best female cosplay at the comp.

Egames expo 2008
Egames was held a few weeks ago, between finishing my last assignment and the convention I had about one week to make something becuase egames allows free entry to those in cosplay. =D

I though I’d be a nerd and cosplay as GLaDOS as a human (since there’s so much Human!GLaDOS fanart out there) I was really happy with how the cosplay came out. The reaction from people was awesome, some people knew who I was straight away, some people though I just looked pretty and others kind-a clicked with excitement as soon as I hold them who I was cosplaying as.