End of Biccy Blog

Hello Biccy here, I’m sad to say that in January 2011 Blog of Biccy was shut down. My Brother who had been hosting the blog decided he no longer wanted his domain name and the blog was lost.

All these Blog of Biccy posts have been uploaded once more to this “new” blog to keep track of all the work I have done since 2008 when I started Blog of Biccy.  

The gap between 2011 to end of 2012 can be filled via my tumblr

Anyways welcome to the new blog; Big Dreams for Little Biccies.
or just Little Biccies for short.

Happy 2011

2010 was a very busy year, aims for this year is to draw more and update this blog more (yeah yeah I know I said that last year XP)
Towards the end of last last life got a little strange and a lot of things happen. I didn’t have time to blog but hopefully I’ll do better this year.

I spent most of last year learning and using a bunch of new tools I’ve some what forgotten how to use one of my old ones ^^; So the goal for this month is to re learn how to draw with my tablet.