Random news

I think the facebook iphone app knows to me too well.

IMG_2253 IMG_2257

In other news I just got this e-mail:



yeeeeah ethics out of the way! Yeeeeeeah.

And now I’m a bit more scared of everything. I need to get this game done and get it testing. Gosh. I am scared. not stressed. Just scared. of like everything.

Honours life – the kitchen

Today the supervisor is away on a business trip. He’ll be back not next week but the week after. Which is the mid semester break. Which really isn’t a break, but kinda like an extra week we are given as honour students to work on stuff.

I though in this blog post I’d talk about honour life for a bit.


This is the kitchen we have. We share it with the PhD students, who apparently steal food so it’s better to hide your food else where. Its a nice kitchen. Has two types of taps, hot n cold drinking filtered water and hot n cold normal tap water. We have a little fridge to keep lunch in and a dish washer that kinda smells. I wonder who is in charge of turning it on. Nobody probably… which is why it smells….

Anyways.  Some times there’s free food placed in the kitchen. Today there was a platter of fruit. I found half a strawberry and I ate two pastry things.

What a good day.

Home away from home


I found a monitor at uni the other week and noticed it wasn’t really plugged into anything. So I bought in a DVI cable and now I can dual screen all the time. It’s very helpful have a second monitor. Like on the dell monitor I can have files and such and my main work on the mac. And by files I mean youtube. I love youtube.

There’s another “spare” screen in the other room. I wonder if my plum can support Three…TRI-SCREENS!

Probably not.

Also why is everything like VGA? VGA is stupid, DVI and HDMI all the day. Or mini HDMI… mini HDMI is good too.

Lately I haven’t been updating about what I’ve been doing. But that’s ok. Coz I have not been doing much :| I should change the blog title to like “Rambles with photos by a crazy person”

In the past 24 hours

It’s kinda amazing at how much stuff can happen in a day.

Yesterday when I came into the studio, some guy was placing up a pin board across the room. Previously we had three TVs screens that were taking up wall space, so in the span of a week the TVs were taken down, cables removed and the pin boards came up.

As soon as the man left taking with him the left over bits and pieces we in the computer part of the room ran over and began to touch the new pin boards. From far away they looked like fabric boards but closer they were just green cork boards.


We later attacked the cork board with photos of nigella lawson, for she is the honour’s sprit animal… or something.

I come in today to find out shrine of nigella lawson had grown.


I look forward to seeing what it’s going to look like on Monday. I might bring in some colourful paper and make a paper chain to hang along the board.

In less stupid news, I finished the ethics form and sent it to my supervisor yesterday. It was a lot of paper and such for something that’s pretty much “I need people to play my game”. Better safe then sorry I guess.

Also, I’m now using omnigraffle to make flow charts. JB gave me a trail version of the thing. It’s 10bucks on the app store so if I really like it I might buy it. Currently it does what I want it to do and doesn’t limit me on how much stuff I can have in my flow chart so it’s not bad. Not bad indeed.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.56.00 PM

I’ve also starting using Ren’Py and Sublime Text, no game has been formed yet, but I’ve been testing bits of code to see how things work. currently I’m trying to work out how Ren’Py reads other files.

For the rest of the day I plan to do some writing and do some game making.

Today’s stress level is at Ivory alert.

PAX 2013 Friday

I’ve been asked to report about PAX.

For anyone who doesn’t know PAX stands for Penny Arcade Expo, Penny Arcade being the gaming webcomic. PAX has run for a few years over in the US but this is it’s first time in Australia and lucky for me it’s being hosted in Melbourne. As much as I’d want to if it was hosted else where in Australia I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

So today I woke up today at 7:30, took a shower, got JB to take his shower, got dressed and managed to get some coffee before having to head out to meet people at Flinders Street station. My friends, Austin and Vince were running a little late so instead of catching the 9:20 train to the showgrounds we ended up getting the 9:38, which actually left the station around 10, gg metro.

By the time we finally got to the showgrounds, gosh the line ride.

SONY DSC Here’s where we stood. The building to the left is the entrance, might not seem so bad but behind the trees there was a long snake form of a line which did a U turn and began to leek into the parking lot.

SONY DSCAnd then the second train arrived and the line grew and grew and grew to the point it reached the white building and began wrapping around the parking lot.

So after a while the line began to move. Once we entered they did a badge check and an age check, gave us a black wrist band and we were on our way. Honesty, I don’t understand why the line ride was so long if it was just age checking.

Sadly due to the length of the line ride we missed Story time with Ron Gilbert which was at 10:30am. However we did make it into a line for the Penny Arcade Q & A! Which was another line ride.


Some cosplayers we saw while in the line ride waiting for the Penny Arcade Q & A, we stood in this tunnel for most of the wait, it got windy and cold.

The Penny Arcade Q & A was funny and pretty damn cool. However it did run over time and I ended up missing the “We Study Games Without Having to Make Them: Musings from PhD research students” panel. Very sad :(

Once the Q & A was over we headed over to the Expo hall, pretty much a mix of shopping stalls and like demo stalls.


The expo hall was crazy busy, mostly since everyone else also had just came from the Q & A.

JB and I spent some time at the Nintendo booth. Had a go at the new sonic game, checked out street passes (so many street passes)

After a loop around we left the showgrounds and had some lunch at a fish and chip shop. Came back to the showgrounds in hopes to catch the Games Can Be Anything – Are We Seeing Enough Innovation or Not, and Why? panel but nope. By the time we got there the room was already full and we weren’t allowed in.


So we headed to the big top and had a look around, lots of board games and some PC and random stalls. There was also the main PAX shop which had a huge ass check out line, JB and I made our way to the handheld area and found a bean bag and camped while we waited for Vince to do some shopping and Austin went on short walks.

At this stage we had kinda given up seeing anything we waited to see, most of the things we wanted to see we had missed and huge lines formed before all theatre doors.

After a while of lazing around in the handheld area we packed up camp and went back to the expo hall to do another loop around. Austin went home and Vince went off to see stuff while JB and I mooched around the Nintendo booth again. JB had a go at the new Super Mario 3D world on Wii U and played some The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds while I sat on some bean bags watching the Mario Kart 3DS tournament and checking my street passes.

Once Vince was done with his walking around we packed up our things and headed out before stopping at one more booth. Where JB and I bought some Pokémon gym pins. As we left the expo hall we were hit with a rush of bad weather.

We got home around 7, soaking wet. Tomorrow I’ll bring an umbrella.

Over all feels about PAX so far, while there were more rooms opened up there really was too many people. However unlike supernova or Manifest PAX actually had tents set up between buildings, which was nice but at times created traffic jams.

It was fun bumping into friends but so easy to get separated from friends and at time we’d see someone and just ever see them again, there was just so many people.

I think with some tweaking PAX could run a lot smoother however I’m worried it might not get another chance. I feel like other people also were sick of the line rides and not being able to get into the things they want. The weekend pass cost $115 (we bought ours pretty early). It’s so far the most expensive convention pass I’ve paid for which is upsetting to think I and others miss out on panels and talks simply because it’s already filled up.

Hopefully tomorrow is better since we still have our age wrist bag on.

Huzzah it’s over!

For now.

So yesterday I submitted my final essay for the semester, I’m so happy I managed to get this semester over and done with. I feel so happy at myself too for just sticking with it, at some stages honours seemed hard but I stuck with it.

This gif represents how I’m feeling. Except I spell mum with a “U”. But yeah, let the dance party begin, and when I say dance part I mean me crunching in my chair coz I’m too lazy to stand up.

I know gifs are something that belong to tumblr but I don’t care :D

I did it! I finished all my assignments! I’ve started writing myself a todo list of things I want to do so I don’t waste my time off. :D I’ll try and keep the blog updated with honour related things however with PAX coming up in about 5 weeks I’m probably going to be doing a lot of pre-PAX prep work which will be posted at the tumblr blog.

First up on my todo list, clean my room, its a mess.

tap tap goes the keys

Approaching the second hurdle in honours, I feel like things will get better once I get these essays and assignments in. Tomorrow I had plans to finish a draft of one of my essays, sadly today was taken up with a trip to southland, not for shopping but for tech support. JB’s laptop is currently down, the apple store guy was super nice and managed to pull some strings for us. While his laptop is in the shop I’m leading my Plum to JB so he can do uni work.

There’s like 4 classes left for me this semester and I still have the PC to work on. I am sad that I won’t be able to browse the web in bed tho.


It’s been bloody cold lately, hot chocolate at night is the best however there was a lack of cocoa so tonight’s hot chocolate is a mix of milk, cocoa and Nutella. Yum yum.


My other hobbies

I do actually do things that aren’t just play video games and do uni work :)

One of my hobbies is sewing, I’m not very good but I can make wearable clothes.


I managed to make a skirt, my mother was a seamstress and like her I have just a bunch of fabric lying around. It’s been a while since I sewed anything. I think it came out very well and hasn’t fallen apart yet, lol.


Another one of my hobbies is making cards, I’m not sure when I started but it’s been something I’ve done since I was in uni. I like to make birthday cards and christmas and wedding cards for friends and family. So far I’ve made 4 cards this year :) It’s fun cutting and sticking paper together. Sometimes I think I should make myself a little etsy shop.



bad photo is bad D:

My book order came in today, I wasn’t thinking they’d arrive till May. So we have This is not my hat by Jon Klassen, The art of Game Design, a book of lenses by Jesse Schell and finally I have my very own copy of The hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell and I can stop re-borrowing the RMIT library’s copy.

Also while I like this cover for the hero with a thousand faces, I really don’t like book sleeves :S they are so awaked sometimes…

Gosh, there’s a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to post on this blog and haven’t gotten around to yet, also more things keep popping up, such as books arriving.

Finally I end this post with something funny I overheard on the train today

“Sandy? You can’t be gangster if you call it Sandy”

-A child who looked like he was 10  talking about the Sandringham train line.

Week 6 – Precursor Project Presentation

So today I had my first major assignment for honours. I hate presentations, I use to be pretty good at them, not any more. The 3 years away from uni have made me rusty when it comes to talking in front of people. Somehow I got though it. My Precursor Project is basically a small slice of what my final project will be. So since I’ve been doing stuff around heroes I turned the table around and focused on the NPCs (non playing characters) within games. For my precursor I ended up drawing a mini story/comic from a testificate’s point of view.

A testificate’s Tale

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6p7p8p9p10p11p12

The End

I guess my Presentation went well, I got some good feedback, but what I think I enjoy the most is the different ways people wrong my name


So we have 2 Biccy, 2 Beccy, 1 Becky and 1 Rebecca. I AM THE GIRL WITH MANY NAMES MUAHAH!