weekly update

Whenever I get busy at uni this blog gets forgotten, so a quick update of what I’ve been doing.

Today all us honour students had like this day out where we did presentations of what i’ve been doing this past semester. I have the most loveliest photo of myself… and by lovely I mean god damn ugly of me mid talk… more like mid moo… also jazz hands.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.22.59 PM

The other day while swiping between pages on my mac I managed to get it trapped between two pages. I have no idea how I did it but gosh was it strange, easy fix by swiping again. I use to be able to get stuck between pages on my iphone all the time with the 3G not so much with the 4S.

My precursor comic is coming along nicely, but slowly. I’m very worried I’m not going to have it done on time, there’s the comic which is like 2/3s away from being finished and theres the essay and then there’s this other 250 word thingy.

Today’s presentation was kind of a pain, because it took time away from when I could be doing work, instead I had to get up at 7, be at the place by 9-9:30, have my talk which was the very first talk, get a lovely photo of me taken, and then sit around for everyone else’s talk. Don’t get me wrong it was nice to hear what everyone was up to, but not nice when I could be doing work.

Anyways 3 out of 5 things done….

Photoshop CS6 and the Wacom

While messing around in photoshop CS6 today I noticed these new brushes that weren’t in CS5. Photoshop sure has come along way when it comes to working with a tablet. It is a lot more responsive then it use to be. 

When I got my first tablet back in 2003 I use to use openCanvas which imo was the best software to draw in. Photoback back then did not do a good job reading the pen pressure, however that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  


These new brushes photoshop offers are pretty amazing, the first thing I noticed (while having the tablet plugged in) was a new window that showed the pen tilt. It’s pretty amazing however I feel like there’s a lag between the tablet movement and the cursor. Thankfully the window can be closed as well as changed to a smaller window. 

Another thing is that I feel like these bushes are a lot thicker then the normal photoshop brushes, despite being the same pixel size. I do enjoy the flow the have but the thickness limits the detail of the drawing.

I think more tweaking is needed and these brushes would be perfect. 

Wacom and the Plum


This morning I started setting up my intuos 3 to work with my laptop. I love the side buttons, they are so helpful. Left side buttons are pretty much pan, and photoshop’s undo and redo shortcuts. Normally I leave the side buttons on the right side alone since I could never think what to go there but since peach has spaces I though it would be nice to be able to change spaces with the tablet.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.56.09 AM

Once I get myself to a desk I’m so going to do some drawing :D

Finally, wireless…


For a belated birthday gift I was given a new router, yay. My old modem was about 3 years old and the wireless on it had just stopped working. It had been flaky for a while and slowly got to the point where I just could no longer connect to the wrieless. It sucked.

So yes, very happy that I have a new modem (it’s a Netgear N150 Wireless Router btw). Wireless wasn’t so much a problem until I got plum, who doesn’t have a ethernet port. So yeah, I’m one happy panda



JB has a spare SSD he’s not using and said I could have, only problem was that my C drive is over 300GB and I need to get it under 100GB to fit on the SSD, sadly all my other hard drives were pretty much full so I decided to get a new hard drive for the PC today, it’s a 3TB Seagate barracuda.   

Currently I’m moving a bunch of files from the C drive to the new 3TB drive, it’s going to take a while…

Just another night in tf2

So… This seems to be happening more often then I’d like, while in the middle of a game, I’ll get this sudden lag where the game will freeze and whatever audio was playing last would go on this loop (it ends up just sounding like “zr-zr-zr-zr-zr”.) Once I’m free from my spaz attack I often find myself back in spawn (since I died) and my textures all messed up.

I’m thinking it’s a graphics card problem.