Design for Interactive Media 2 Finished!


Yay the maze is done! Four weeks of second Life is over and done! So that ends one subject for the semester, just three subjects and an odd number of assignments left.
Now on to work to the next assignment and then maybe I’ll get some sleep.

And I just poked myself in the eye.

No sleep tonight


Well… this is taking much longer then what I had though :\ The maze is pretty much done… but we have to add the moving script and then I’ll need to add the teleport.. I don’t think I’ll have time to fine turn it… Although the thing is due tomorrow at 3… But I still have some documents to write up.I don’t think I’m going to get any sleep untill I get all this done and the navigation in SL is so bloody hard X_x

Oh a more happy note:


I have dual monitors! =D Yay

My first Linden Scripts

Still working with Second Life, it’s due Monday. My group, despite the fact that we have a programmer decided that I would do the scripting. After putting it off for a while thinking it was too much of a pain it’s really not that hard. I wrote my first linden script(s) today. I actually used smultron to write ‘em up, I was at Uni and couldn’t connect to SL via the laptop. I could have used a normal text editor but I like how the text will change colour.

So basically my code is that when the green or pink cube is touched with an avatar the purple cube will go up 1m or down 1m if it’s already up. Yup… exciting. Tomorrow I need to go and work out how to create a teleport. Which might be kind-a fun.

Assignments keep rolling in

Started the final assignment for DIM2 the other day, we’re doing stuff in second life,

I’m not really likening it :\ at lest the window doesn’t have to be full screen so I can do other stuff. Tho makes me wish that my old LCD screen stilled worked.

I think right now I should be some what stressed; I have an assignment due this Friday, stage two of another assignment due on Tuesday (I need to do a walk cycle) and this week is the big manifest week and I’m really not ready X_x Oh well… Thursday will be when I’m running around in panic.

Oh today we also did some 3D lip sinking, it was some-what pretty cool.