ComiKaze24 – The Challenge Is On For 2008


No! >.> I finally remember about Pulpfaction’s 24hr Challenge this year and y’know what, I’m swamped with assignments that I won’t have any time, unless I don’t plan on sleeping T_T I’ve only done the challenge once and that was in 2006 and then each year after that I kept forgetting about doing it again.

Ah the Challenge starts tomorrow at 11am… the thing goes over the whole long week-end but you are meant to pick 24hours within the weekend to make your comic… lest that was what the rules were last time I did it. Oh gosh T_T I was looking forward to this for a few weeks. I guess I’ll have my own little 24-hour challenge once I finish my assignments, it just won’t be as fun… being up till 3am posting pages on the forums, looking at other people’s comics and havening people looking at your own comics…

Oh well… next year. =_=;