Convention Spam

Today I spent the day sitting in front of my computer editing photos I’ve taken at the conventions I’ve been to these past few months. Fun times, really. Most of the photos are of the cosplay comps held and said conventions.

Manifest 2008
Manifest was held in September about two week after pyweek, I was actually at manifest when the results were announced. I learnt that Kite Story had won via a text, this lead to me running around Melbourne uni looking for people I knew to tell the good news too, hehe.

On the Friday Manifest I wore a lolita dress a friend of mine from uni made. It was kind-a funny to see peoples reactions to me all dressed up like a girl. I only made one cosplay for Manifest this year which I wore on the weekend. Cosplayed as a character called Sayoko from an anime called Code Geass, she’s also known as a ninja maid. It was fun.

Armageddon 2008
Few weeks after Manifest some time in October was Armageddon. I wasn’t originally going to go to Armageddon since I didn’t have enough time to make a new cosplay and I think I had a few assignments to do. But in the end I came along for the Sunday Armageddon where I was dragged around as bag bitch and holding things for my friend in cosplay who won Best female cosplay at the comp.

Egames expo 2008
Egames was held a few weeks ago, between finishing my last assignment and the convention I had about one week to make something becuase egames allows free entry to those in cosplay. =D

I though I’d be a nerd and cosplay as GLaDOS as a human (since there’s so much Human!GLaDOS fanart out there) I was really happy with how the cosplay came out. The reaction from people was awesome, some people knew who I was straight away, some people though I just looked pretty and others kind-a clicked with excitement as soon as I hold them who I was cosplaying as.

L4D fanart – WIP

Oh god… I hope I finish this drawing and not let it rot on my hard drive like so many other unfinished sketches I do.


Left 4 Dead fan art, I don’t do much fan art, it’s too annoying really. I tend to forget little details. I only seem to do Fan art when I obsess over things, and lately Left 4 dead has been that thing

I probably should have used a reference picture for Zoey but I was too lazy, it’s close enough >.> The pose took way too long to do and was created by slowly adding in limbs (drew the head, then the torso, added arms, drew in the crotch, added the thighs, and then slowly the rest of the legs) Her legs were the hardest, I re-did them to many times and they still aren’t right but close enough, if I spend any longer I’m probably going to ruin it all. I’m going to fix up the line art a little more before I colour it in, ie, draw a better gun and fix up the boomer’s head and maybe his hands.

Man I should draw more, it makes me feel better. But I don’t draw as much as I want to because; dual screens, OpenCanvas and tablet don’t seem to work together. I really don’t understand it, I’ve mapped it so my tablet will only work within the one screen, but as soon as I open up OC the table just goes across both screens and it’s just plain annoying… this only happens in OC, I’ve tried other art programs and the tablet will stick within the one screen but as soon as I get into OC it doesn’t work. What’s more crazy is that it’s only when I’m actually in the program that my tablet spazes out. I can have OC minimized and my tablet is working fine again. Why! I was really hoping that havening dual screens would make things easier for me when it came to sketching but nuuuuuu >.> Maybe I need to start learning how to draw in other programs (but I don’t wanna!)

Curing the infection… One bullet at a time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, uni for the year finished a few weeks ago. I’m not sure when I start my 3rd year but I get a few months off till then. I’ll do a proper post of work I’ve been doing and report on a few cons I’ve been too… todays post is about Left 4 Dead pretty new game by Valve, y’know Valve… it made half life 2… Team Fortress and Portal! The game has come out but for about five days before the game release the demo was floating around and after many late nights killing zombies with my buddies I have to say it’s some what effected my mind to the point where I’ve started to dream that I’m killing zombies…

Today hanging out with my friends… we plan for the battle to come…


no white board is safe from me!


3D island – UV maps and textures


I think my 3d modeling skills have improved over the year, I skill kind-a suck at un-wrapping UVs and applying textures, but I’m slowly getting there. (There’s still some textures I need to do)

I’m really likening my island, few more things to model but it’s looking good. Now, I need to try and make myself a timetable to try and get this done in time.Time to work on some other assignments

No sleep tonight


Well… this is taking much longer then what I had though :\ The maze is pretty much done… but we have to add the moving script and then I’ll need to add the teleport.. I don’t think I’ll have time to fine turn it… Although the thing is due tomorrow at 3… But I still have some documents to write up.I don’t think I’m going to get any sleep untill I get all this done and the navigation in SL is so bloody hard X_x

Oh a more happy note:


I have dual monitors! =D Yay

My first Linden Scripts

Still working with Second Life, it’s due Monday. My group, despite the fact that we have a programmer decided that I would do the scripting. After putting it off for a while thinking it was too much of a pain it’s really not that hard. I wrote my first linden script(s) today. I actually used smultron to write ‘em up, I was at Uni and couldn’t connect to SL via the laptop. I could have used a normal text editor but I like how the text will change colour.

So basically my code is that when the green or pink cube is touched with an avatar the purple cube will go up 1m or down 1m if it’s already up. Yup… exciting. Tomorrow I need to go and work out how to create a teleport. Which might be kind-a fun.

Bunny gal

Look what I’ve been doing:


I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt =D

Had a look at a few tutorials, took me around four hours, I think next time it won’t take me as long and hopefully I’ll get better. Did have some fun doing this it reminded me of the times when oekaki was really popular for me.

Look, work in progress:

1. original sketch done in OpenCanvas
2. Taken into Photoshop for clean line art; done with Pencil took size 1px
2. Basic colour added
4. Add detail and a bit of shading
5. Finish shading and highlights

Final image is same as 5 but with the black outline changed to colour outline. I’m still a little confused if this is actually pixel art for not *shrugs* I think I need to improve on the hair. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow