Corel Painter IX + Procrastination


Whoo! 5:30am; 10minuite drawing!

Still trying to work out if I like Corel or not, I have to use it for my DPLP subject, I’m actually not sure what we are meant to be doing in this subject, so far we have just been learning how to use the program…

I think my old Tablet came with a Painter program… I just hardly used it, since it’s no Adobe Photoshop… man I don’t like the new Adobe CS3 icons… so ugly.

Flash game is still the same… haven’t touched it since yesterday… was easily peer pressured into play ETQW which lasted from lunch time till home time. I say easily peer pressured into playing because the conversation pretty much went like this:
“Play ETQW with us!”
“I shouldn’t… I have work to do” Says Biccy while sitting down logging onto one of sutherland’s computers.
I played as a medic and went around trying to heal people but did more dying then any real good…I think it means I should play more games so I would improve…

Pixel Art

We have graphics!


Hamish sent me a few .png files last night for our Mobile game, I’m still missing some image files, but this well do for now.

I haven’t done much to it since yesterday, I’ve got to that point where I can’t do this thing unless I’ve done this but can’t do that coz I haven’t done this yet :\ it’s some what annoying… I have done little things… like make the background move… the way I got the background working is so odd, me thinks. my original idea was just to use two images of the background .png files have it as one image reaches the end of the screen it gets move to the other side of the screen and will follow behind the other image and so forth, like they are always swapping back and forth, but that didn’t work as well as I hoped, I ended up getting white gaps between the two images. So the background is made up of three images, sliding past and then moved back. It does what I want, and that’s all good.

Gaming for the Mobile

Second Assignment for Media cultures 2. Make a mobile game or a game for the mobile phone. Hamish and I choice to make a game for the mobile phone, so we’re using Flash (but not Flash Lite, because I don’t have a copy of that) I’m doing actionscript-ing and he’ll be doing the graphics; for the time being I just made a few rectangles

mobilegameWIP Best graphics in da world!

The game is really simple, baddies come towards you and you duck or jump over them. If I can get it working you can also squish them by jumping on them and you can do upper-cuts if you can time your rising up from a duck just right. (Understand? =D)
You score points by dodging the baddies and attacking them; it’s one of those games that don’t end unless you die. You get one life and if you get hit by a baddie it’s Game over!

Right now I’m stuck on this real stupid thing that I can’t seem to work out how to fix it and have tried several ways of writing the code to get it right but I always end up with the same result, and it’s driving me nuts. I know I should work on other parts of the code, like work on the scoring system but I simply can not move on, not till I get this right! And Because I can’t get this one simple thing working I don’t feel like do any more work now, blllllah >.<



Remember how I said Alex and I was making a game for pyweek? well… 2 week after the deadline, and the voting finished, our game came 3rd place. And we rank 9th on the all games list. Shortly after that, with bugs fixed and an expanded map, Make me is now available for download for Mac and PC and source code for if you can’t get those running…

I hope everyone who downloads Make Me enjoys it. ^_^

I think Make Me has been one of my bigger achievements in my life, I don’t know if that is sad or not.

I have a number of things I need to do for uni, more assignments and home work; but I at lest have about a day I can waste doing no work X3 yay sleep.

PyWeek 6!

PyWeek is on! Alex is once again entering the challenge and this time round I’m here giving him more work to do helping him out! I’m not sure how it happened but I’m glad it did, I get to draw art that will be used in a game =D *yays*

The theme for pyweek6 is robots. So we’re making a game about a little robot I’ve named P1 (π)- I wasn’t sure if I wanted the spelling to be Py, since like everything python related is Py… but he’s name is P1 since he’s a robot and numbers work well with robots.
P1 has a lot of forms, so here is a line up of some of his forms…


(my apologizes for the huge-ass watermark- but better safe then sorry)

I’m actually not too sure how much information I’m allowed to share…I mean we don’t want the others teams to steal our ideas (tho I’m sure they won’t read/find this blog) but at the same time, it’s not like we are doing this for money and have to keep everything under lock and key and not let any one know anything… Heck we even have a diary (that you should check out) where we post screen caps and how we are going.

anyways… I’ve wasted enough time… back to drawing… I got to draw baddies and money tonight!