Art dump

I haven’t really been keeping up with the draw something a week. However I have been keeping myself busy. Last night I finished my resume :D  I have been trying to draw stuff, there just hasn’t been much drawn lately.


This drawing was actually done way back, I just forgot to upload it.


I love this drawing btw, in animal crossing: new leaf I have Fauna and Roscoe in my town (who I love dearly). It’s gotten to the point where I have told myself that the two are actually going out with each other.

hourly comic – dec 1 2013

So I set myself a few challenges if people remember? One of them was to draw an hourly comic  on the first day of each month. Not sure what next month’s comic is going to be like seeing how it’ll be the first of jan.

Anyways, I had a pretty boring day yesterday, so… sorry?

dec1_01 dec1_02 dec1_03 dec1_04

My life is very sad sometmes, full of animal crossing, drawing and watching anime. If it helps I did go outside the other day and day before :D eh? eh? eh?

Three chickens

I’m currently on Philip island with JB. We’ve been house sitting for the past week. Part of house sitting includes looking after the animals, a dog named Tess and three nameless chickens.

Not much happens on the island, JB and I both can’t drive and I don’t really like the “outside world” so we tend to spend the days inside. I keep telling myself I’ll go for a walk down to the beach but then I remember it’s a hassle making the trip back.

Today I gave myself a list of things to do and instead I drew the chickens animal crossing new leaf style.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 5.32.28 PM

I also drew Tess but the chickens are more funny because for the life of me I can not tell them apart.

The chickens can be jerks at times. The other night we were feeding the dog and the chickens wanted to have what the dog was having. One chicken managed to stick her head into the bowl and escape with a bit of pasta.
The other night I was going to lock them up into their little house however one escaped which lead to the other two running off. When I went to get some bird feed to lure them back into their home one managed to jump onto my back. It was scary.


Today I made some custom designs of some adobe icons as well as the maya icon.


I’m currently working on a PDF portfolio and I had this idea last night about making icons for the programs I’m good at. I was thinking maybe more stars for the programs I’m better at but I think the way they look now are neat.

I really like the illustrator icon, it reminds me of a city.

Girl in the chair


Finished my drawing. I’m not very good at drawing hands… or feet… I think I might reuse the chair and draw other characters sitting in different poses, or maybe try and draw different chairs and do like a whole chair series of drawings. heh.

btw my website is live now. It still needs some fixing but I decided to toss it up or I would just spend forever working on it.


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.28.38 PM

I downloaded a few new custom brushes for photoshop, decided to test them out and ended up drawing a pretty blue sky.

I’m going to try and set myself a few challenges in order to keep myself busy so I don’t turn into a slacker.
Challenge one:
Draw something finished once a week
Challenge two:
First day of the month will be an hourly comic day.

If I manage to do these challenges then I might add a few more. Going to start off with simple goals and work my way up :)


I’m still fixing the main.css page to perfect the style of the website but it’s at a stage where I’m happy and ready to fill with stuff. Currently I’m working on the game page because that has the most stuff.

I’m using fancybox to make life easy, fancybox is pretty damn awesome it can hold swf files! And other non image format files. Fancybox is also so simple to use, I love it! I don’t fully understand jquery and java enough to explain what fancybox is doing… it just makes websites so much nicer looking.

The game page is almost done, about 50%? The blue boxes are temp images to give me an idea of how things are looking. Tomorrow/today, I’ll be taking some screen shots of pyweek games I’ve worked on.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.45.35 AM

I’m not 100% sure if I’m happy with the thumbnail sizes, but I can always fix them later. I duno, the size they currently are aren’t bad, they just seem so large…

The difference four years make…

My PC had the old version of my website. So I though I’d upload the old version and the new version I’m currently working on. The new version has changed a little since this afternoon. Gosh. It’s crazy how bad the old version (pink one) looks compared to the new one (blue one). 

You can also see how similar they are. Candy stripes and I’m using the same font for the title. The over-all idea is pretty much similar, with the whole categories thing going on. 

Not sure if I’ve matured or I just am better as a designer now maybe both? 

Gosh, I feel embarrassed about my poor colour choices in the old design. 


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.16.19 PM

Also while CSS has been a huge pain it’s kinda nice being able to do things I wasn’t able to do in plain HTML. 

Hm. I really need a new showreel… 

CSS day 2


There has been lots of sobbing while learning CSS. The way it goes is, do something, something else fucks up.

After enough time you eventually get what you want. I’ve had to edit my cloud image a number of times, cutting it into different slices. Currently it’s made up of 11 images all neatly cut so they will fit together.

Here’s what the side looks like so far:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.22.03 PM

If you put the cursor over the “home/about/blog ect” they change colour….

This is what I’ve done in two days… TWO days. >.>

A fresh start…


First project after finishing honours is to redo my website.

Yesterday and today I spent time designing the damn thing in photoshop. My last website layout was kinda girly, very pink, so this time I wanted to use blue. My originally idea didn’t seem to work out to well however after some fiddling and what not I managed to settle on something that I like.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.15.33 PM

Tomorrow JB is going to help me get it into CSS. Hopefully getting the website back up and running won’t take too long.