Semester 2 end


This is my semester 2 note book. the cat tabs are for media object notes while the dogs are meetings with Adam notes. I managed to fill up the whole book to the last page. Yellow tabs are random information like notes about Ren’py and books I need to read. 


Most of my notes are pretty basic. They are a list of what I’ve done in the pervious week and what I have planned for the next week. Same thing with my meeting with adam notes however most of them are things I need to remember to tell Adam about. Or what I’m up too. 

I’m surprised to fill up a note book with such little notes but it’s a nice collection of things I’ve done and when I did them. It’s pretty boring.  

What now…?

So on Friday I handed in my exegesis and project. I still have two more things to hand in but they are pretty small compared to the major project.

Since Friday I’ve been taking it easy and chilling. I’ve actually been watching JB play Arkham origins. From what I can tell the game looks bad. For PC at lest. We’ve come across a number of bugs and glitches. For example the further you get in the game the longer it takes for things to load. The plot isn’t that good too.

I’ve also been playing pokemon Y. so much yay!

mood-wise I’m feeling pretty good. I’m happy that most things are over, however there are still some personal issues that are just causing me grief. Which kinda sucks, I mean i’ve worked so hard and I’d like to be able to enjoy it. Oh well.

In the next few weeks I’m going to get my website up and running again. I’m going to try and get JB to teach me CSS so I can make my website all pretty. Also update my portfolio and what-not.

Almost there


I got my exegesis printed today. I went over to Dinkums.

It only took a few hours, went into the print shop, they did a “test” print for me to see if it was right. I check it, said it was ok. Went off to lunch and came back an hour later. Got my exegesis. So yeah, that was good. It wasn’t cheap however, but then again I printed in full colour. It’s pretty so it’s worth it.

The only thing I can say is that they need more staff. The wait just to collect was just silly >.>

Anyways, no time to rest just yet. Still got a few things to do for the game. But tomorrow is looking good.

Mood: exhausted

Also in these past days my mind has been so busy I think I’ve gotten a little more stupid.

Fowl mood in week 13

I’m in a pretty bad mood lately, I try not to let it get to me and keep my bubblyness up.

The bad mood has come from a number of things, one being how tired I am. The need for sleep is catching up on me. Secondly most of my bad mood comes from personal issues, which I don’t want to talk about because they are a little petty. For example, while it was nice of her to clean the kitchen she also moved stuff around. It’s like a game of hide and seek. Also I’m very short.

Anyways, best not to let little things get to me like that. In better news I finished my cover:


It’s simple and there’s nothing wrong with that. I say I’ve finished it but I might fiddle with it later if I have more time, right now it’s at the cake stage. If I fiddle with it that would be like adding on chocolate decorations to it.

I’ve been watching a lot of the great british bake off lately…

Edits and emotions

Not even the bibliography is safe from editing!


I blame zotero. I fill in all the little boxes and give it all the information it wants and yet it doesn’t do it %100 right. I guess I should be happy that it does most of the work… but fixing little things up can get annoying. For examples citeing for a URL gets fucked up. It needs to be like “author, title, web site, date posted, date accessed, URL”. But instead it’s like: “author, title, website, date posted.” So then I go around fixing up all that stuff.

The one thing about researching ludonarrative dissonance is that every game blogger likes to have their 5 cents about it.

Anyways there’s also a bunch of small things I need to fix that I didn’t know, like making sure they all follow the same style.

In other news, it’s week 12. In 8 days the project and exegesis needs to be handed in,  however we don’t get the full 8 days, no, the damn thing needs to get printed.

At first I wanted to get it to the printers by Monday but change of plan and I’ll try and aim for Wednesday. Just so I can get in as many big edits as I can. I want to ask some of my friends, one who is a editor but I don’t want to hassle them.

How I’ve been feeling lately is a mix of stuff. I mean I’m quite happy with myself, everything seems to be coming together. Like when you make a cake, first it’s all over the place but then you add and you mix. It starts off lumpy so you work it some more and then you get a batter.

Everything is like at the batter stage. Once I get it printing that’s like baking it.

I look forward to my exegesis cake.

I want cake now.

On the other side of things, I am very tired. It’s quite draining having to wake up everyday, get dressed, come into uni, do work, head home, tell yourself to do work but instead watch youtube, saying you’ll make up for it tomorrow and go to bed only to repeat the same thing again. A day off will be really nice.

But that won’t happen till after oct because we still have work due the week after we hand in.

Good news I’m not feeling stressed about getting things in. The exegesis won’t be as magical as I want, but that’s my own fault and limitations. Writing has never been my strength. I like the game I made. While the exegesis is off at the printers I plan to pretty up the game a little more. Custom icon maybe, add in some missing art, fix up some ugly parts, ect ect.

Anyways. I should go back and edit this damn bibliography. Also, my coffee has gone cold.

It’s editing season

The game is about 90% finished. In the end I settled with the name Project Escape. I need a few more art and fix some typos but now that it’s somewhat playable I’m less stressed.


So now I’m just doing some edits. Chapter 2 recently went through a big edit. I ended up cutting the thing in half from 4000 words to about 2000. I think it’s a lot better now and is less waffly. I am a bit sad to see some parts go, such as the whole part where I talk about each dilemma on it’s own. Yeah. I’m just wonderful.

I’m feeling a lot better about editing my work compared to last semester. It still helps to get people around me to help me edit and such. The current deal is, help me edit and I’ll help with InDesign :P

(we are using InDesign for layout of our exegesis/thesis before printing)  Anyways I need to make these new changes and send the new edit to a mate.

How I roll

I like to make todo lists for myself so I can remember everything I need to do. Todo list are so damn handy when there’s lots of little things to do.

So I have this thing, where I make myself a todo list.


But somehow along the lines it gets too messy. And so then I make another todo list.


Which also gets very messy after a while. And so I make another todo list.

I also make sub-todo lists at time. These have been the art asset todo list. I still have the master todo list off on the side.

I think paper todo lists are much better than digital ones. Sure they can get lost easily but there’s something nice about getting a sharpie and crossing something out. You don’t get the same feel when it’s “ticking” off an item on the iPhone.