Pyro art

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with stuff. Here’s a drawing I did today, there’s a bit of talk that the pyro from Team Fortress 2 is actually a girl.


Now I go back and finish up the last few things I have for uni. There will be a nice post of a semester recap once I’m done.

Bad photos of drawings I did

Lunch on new years eve was at a burger place called grilled, Alex found one of those little books that customers are allowed to scribe/scribble in. The previous pages were just crap so I added some zombie love =D Marco lens are not the best thing to use when taking photos of drawings I did. Now I know.

Louis vs Tank

Louis vs smoker

Louis vs boomer

Louis vs Hunter

It started off with me just drawing Louis vs tank but slowly I drew the others as well, just for lols.


L4D fanart – WIP

Oh god… I hope I finish this drawing and not let it rot on my hard drive like so many other unfinished sketches I do.


Left 4 Dead fan art, I don’t do much fan art, it’s too annoying really. I tend to forget little details. I only seem to do Fan art when I obsess over things, and lately Left 4 dead has been that thing

I probably should have used a reference picture for Zoey but I was too lazy, it’s close enough >.> The pose took way too long to do and was created by slowly adding in limbs (drew the head, then the torso, added arms, drew in the crotch, added the thighs, and then slowly the rest of the legs) Her legs were the hardest, I re-did them to many times and they still aren’t right but close enough, if I spend any longer I’m probably going to ruin it all. I’m going to fix up the line art a little more before I colour it in, ie, draw a better gun and fix up the boomer’s head and maybe his hands.

Man I should draw more, it makes me feel better. But I don’t draw as much as I want to because; dual screens, OpenCanvas and tablet don’t seem to work together. I really don’t understand it, I’ve mapped it so my tablet will only work within the one screen, but as soon as I open up OC the table just goes across both screens and it’s just plain annoying… this only happens in OC, I’ve tried other art programs and the tablet will stick within the one screen but as soon as I get into OC it doesn’t work. What’s more crazy is that it’s only when I’m actually in the program that my tablet spazes out. I can have OC minimized and my tablet is working fine again. Why! I was really hoping that havening dual screens would make things easier for me when it came to sketching but nuuuuuu >.> Maybe I need to start learning how to draw in other programs (but I don’t wanna!)