GG arkham city

Somewhere in Rocksteady Studios some jerk was all “You know what would be cool? If the player had to guide a batarang though a bunch of small holes in order to make progress with the game”


You see that gap in that huge ass corkscrew looking thing? I need to throw a batarang though that hole. Then I need to do a U turn (as the batarang) and though another corkscrew looking gate thing, and crash land into a button… in the span of about 5 seconds.

15 minutes later and all I feel is rage. Here are some screenshots of how close I got to said button.




Much rage when this throw failed.

And then after several  more crash landings that I though would have done the job but the game didn’t seem to agree with me, I raged quit to write this post.

Good job Rocksteady Studios, for making batman very very frustrating. I’ll try again tomorrow.

My first dating sim game

So a dating sim, or dating simulation is a type of game popular in Japan. Often it’s when the player is a generic high school student and is given a number of characters and the aim is to have a romantic relationship with one of them.

I’ve never actually played a dating sim, they aren’t the most common thing you will come across. However as the games become more popular a number of like silly dating sims have arrived, hatoful boyfriend is probably the most well known. However I never got around to playing it. I’d like to one day. You play as a human in a school full of birds. How can that not be anything BUT awesome?

Anyways, so today I came across a lovely short dating sim called Jurassic Heart.


It’s a dinosaur dating sim :D however there’s just the one dinosaur, still it’s pretty damn awesome and I recommend it. It’s pretty damn short. At the start of the game you have to type your name, I picked Velociraptor. I later learn it turns out you are human.


Meet Taira the T-rex, he has a tie on. We went shopping for a ukulele…


It seems I’m pretty damn good at these dating sim games ;P


And I got the good end! Huzzah!

The game is pretty good, but short. I hope they add more to it, maybe add more dinosaur :D if you have nothing better to do I recommend you play it. It’s pretty stupid thus lots of fun.

New RSS reader thing

So with the end of google reader coming closer, I thought I’d have a look at some of the other RSS readers out there. So for a while I settled on The Old Reader. While The Old Reader pretty much has everything I want in a RSS reader, I can sort and order my feeds, it uses the same keyboard short cuts as reader, I can star things, however it’s really slow. Compared to  google reader The Old Reader takes ages to load things, and by ages I mean like 4 seconds. But 4 seconds too long.

Two of my mates have started using feedly. I remember having a look at feedly back when I first heard about reader ending but there was something about it I didn’t like, which I can’t seem to remember what that was.  Anyway so I went back to have a look at feedly. First impresses very nice. It’s a lot more customizable, giving me about 4 different layouts and a bunch of different background colours, it also kept all the things I had starred in google reader and unlike The Old Reader, feedly lodas new pages really quickly.

I think I’m going to use feedly as my main RSS reader once reader dies. However I don’t think anything will ever compared to google reader, while playing around with feedly today I noticed that it didn’t load all my blog post.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.43.32 PM

It wouldn’t load anything after my drawing post. I’m not really sure why this is, at first I though maybe I needed to use the RSS url and not the normal wordpress url but that didn’t change anything. The same thing was happing for JB, it wouldn’t load beyond that one post. I though maybe it was a wordpress thing, so I looked at another wordpress blog. The same thing happend, it only loaded up to a number of post and said there was nothing beyond, however the amount of blogs it would load changed from blog to blog.

How strange.

I had a look to see how far The Old Reader would load my blog,

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.03.46 PM

It managed to load older post, but at the same time it didn’t load all my post.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.59.53 PM

Google reader however managed to load the whole blog all the way back to the very first post I made here.

I guess it’s just more to do with the RSS reader and how much they can store. Once this post goes out I’ll been seeing if there are any changes, will feedly only store 10 post at a time for will it change to 11?

I really am sad at the end of google reader. I’ve been using it for such a long time, how will I internet without it?

Huzzah it’s over!

For now.

So yesterday I submitted my final essay for the semester, I’m so happy I managed to get this semester over and done with. I feel so happy at myself too for just sticking with it, at some stages honours seemed hard but I stuck with it.

This gif represents how I’m feeling. Except I spell mum with a “U”. But yeah, let the dance party begin, and when I say dance part I mean me crunching in my chair coz I’m too lazy to stand up.

I know gifs are something that belong to tumblr but I don’t care :D

I did it! I finished all my assignments! I’ve started writing myself a todo list of things I want to do so I don’t waste my time off. :D I’ll try and keep the blog updated with honour related things however with PAX coming up in about 5 weeks I’m probably going to be doing a lot of pre-PAX prep work which will be posted at the tumblr blog.

First up on my todo list, clean my room, its a mess.

Path Finding

Not 100% finished but pretty damn close, I just need to fix up the blue lines in some of the pages… draw the cape on page 5 coz I forgot it and just fix up anything that needs fixing.

Anyways here’s the project side of my precursor project, title: Path finding. There’s just the essay, and the accompanying statement. Click on the images to enlarge them. um, I’ll go a little more detail into the comic one I finish the essay, it’s coming along nicely but most of it’s just mess, I just wrote and wrote, so now I need to trim and make it easier to read. I don’t like essays XP

pg01 pg02 pg03 pg04pg05 pg06 pg07 pg08pg09 pg10

weekly update

Whenever I get busy at uni this blog gets forgotten, so a quick update of what I’ve been doing.

Today all us honour students had like this day out where we did presentations of what i’ve been doing this past semester. I have the most loveliest photo of myself… and by lovely I mean god damn ugly of me mid talk… more like mid moo… also jazz hands.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.22.59 PM

The other day while swiping between pages on my mac I managed to get it trapped between two pages. I have no idea how I did it but gosh was it strange, easy fix by swiping again. I use to be able to get stuck between pages on my iphone all the time with the 3G not so much with the 4S.

My precursor comic is coming along nicely, but slowly. I’m very worried I’m not going to have it done on time, there’s the comic which is like 2/3s away from being finished and theres the essay and then there’s this other 250 word thingy.

Today’s presentation was kind of a pain, because it took time away from when I could be doing work, instead I had to get up at 7, be at the place by 9-9:30, have my talk which was the very first talk, get a lovely photo of me taken, and then sit around for everyone else’s talk. Don’t get me wrong it was nice to hear what everyone was up to, but not nice when I could be doing work.

Anyways 3 out of 5 things done….

Rainbow graph

Illustrator has a graph function. I’ve talked about it before, but gosh its super nice.Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 10.21.36 AM

Also look how colourful my graph is, I used the fruit colour theme set. I also made another graph that used the vegetable colour theme.