and we’re back…

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After having most of the weekend off, it’s back to uni work. We’re approaching week 8, I feel like I’ve been going in circles for a bit. I hope I manage to setting down soon, have a path ahead of me so I know where I’m going.



I handed in my research strategies essay yesterday, I’m so proud of myself :D

I also go feed back on the precursor project, we didn’t get the actual mark back but we got like mini marks in areas of our presentation. I’m happy with what I got, I was worried I would have gotten much worst but I’ll wait for the actual mark, the 3 lab teachers need to get together to make sure they are all scoring on an equal scale.

Anyways with the RS essay handed in there’s a clam before the next hurdle of assignments and what nots. I want my essay feed back before I start the second essays but I’ll start to hunt for more information, build my notes up and such. But yeah, it’s a time of rest.

T minus… er… Friday…


So my desk has slowly gotten more messy over the weeks >.< I’ve got one essay due on Friday and then the first hurdle is done. I’ve got big plans for the calm before the next storm, first thing will be a quick tidy of the test. Second will be collecting information for the round 2 essays and also SEWING! :D

Lately uni has been feeling a bit like QWOP

Finally, wireless…


For a belated birthday gift I was given a new router, yay. My old modem was about 3 years old and the wireless on it had just stopped working. It had been flaky for a while and slowly got to the point where I just could no longer connect to the wrieless. It sucked.

So yes, very happy that I have a new modem (it’s a Netgear N150 Wireless Router btw). Wireless wasn’t so much a problem until I got plum, who doesn’t have a ethernet port. So yeah, I’m one happy panda



So in research strategies we have been learning time management and one of the things we were taught was the pomodoro technique, basically you spend 25 mins working on one task and only that one task. This website explains it much deeper.

The idea is pretty neat, but I don’t think it’s something I could do. I’m too much of a fidgety person, I know if I time myself to do something I’ll end up looking at the clock more then doing work. But I’ve been told it works for people. I tend to find starting work is one of the harder parts of doing work, I think my pomodoro would be spent trying to start work rather then doing work, so I like to go at my own pace, I find once I do manage to start I get on a roll. I guess to really see if pomodoro is for me I should try one… but I really do enjoy going at my own pace.