My Little hunter

For Austin’s 23rd Zombie themed birthday I decided to make him a my little pony mod, which for any one wondering a my little pony mod is what the name leads it to be, a modification of a my little pony. I came up with this idea a number of weeks before his party and spent some time wondering what I should make, no real idea which characters Austin likes I went with zombies. And zombies means Left 4 Dead. I was going to pick bill… but I didn’t want to give a my little pony a beard… so I went with a hunter. Why? It’s simple compared to the others and a boomer is too fat.

Anyways, a week before the party I got to work, slowly buying the supplies I needed.

Finding the my little pony was the hardest part… I went to a number of different stores and finally found one in safeway.

So here she is… her name was Toola-Roola.

Following a number of how tos and tutorials I started with removing the head.

Using hot water to soften up the plastic made things so damn easy.

I got rid of the hair with scissors and a number of other tools I had laying around. Did a quick scrub with nail polish remover to try and clean off all the stupid pattens and glitter, didn’t get everything off but I was fine with that.

I took some air drying clay and went to work making a hoodie and a tail… it was a very messy job and newspaper is my friend now.

I let it dry for a few hours and then I clipped away at the un-needed clay and cleaned things up a little.

Left it alone over night and started to paint it the next day.

Before doing any painting I gave it a coat of PVA mixed with water to help stop the clay cracking.

After the first coat of paint I noticed parts had started to peel off, I really should have sealed it before I started painting but it was late and I was tired so I kept trucking.

I used some of the red paint/blood to help keep the peeling paint down but that didn’t do too much to help, so once I had finished all the painting I gave it two coats of dull coat to seal the paint and stop it from peeling off… although I missed it’s feet and if you turn the pony over you can see it’s original pink colour. Ah fail.

I left the pony to dry in it’s seal over night once again and the next morning I got to shin it up.

Using some gloss paint I touched up parts of the blood making it shiny and look more real and not to lame, I also put gloss on its ears and eyes to make things pretty.

I added some duct tape which was a pain to put on… and some stage blood to give it a gooy look.

And here’s what it looks like when I took a photo with flash on… scary huh?

I’m pretty proud of the mod, it’s not the best but at the same time it came out pretty damn well for a first try. I also had a lot of fun making it.