A few weeks ago I started re working on my website, one of my home work assignments for uni was called “Market yourself” we had to upload a mock up of our portfolio web page and I though I could do one better and actually make the site, it’s still being worked on and there’s a lot to still add, but most of it’s done and the general flow of things are down.

I even made a little show reel which I need to redo but it makes me happy. I’m hoping that it’ll be an always changing site, upload new art works which replace old ones and so forth. But that won’t be happening until I get everything up on the site. I’m going to work on the pyweek game page next, and then mods and slowly work down the list.

I’m not too sure why, but I made the website pink. I wanted to take a step away from the black and white-ness I normally go with and some how I went from purple-brown to pink. But I like the layout, it’s got a chocolates and sweets theme to it.