Corel Painter IX + Procrastination


Whoo! 5:30am; 10minuite drawing!

Still trying to work out if I like Corel or not, I have to use it for my DPLP subject, I’m actually not sure what we are meant to be doing in this subject, so far we have just been learning how to use the program…

I think my old Tablet came with a Painter program… I just hardly used it, since it’s no Adobe Photoshop… man I don’t like the new Adobe CS3 icons… so ugly.

Flash game is still the same… haven’t touched it since yesterday… was easily peer pressured into play ETQW which lasted from lunch time till home time. I say easily peer pressured into playing because the conversation pretty much went like this:
“Play ETQW with us!”
“I shouldn’t… I have work to do” Says Biccy while sitting down logging onto one of sutherland’s computers.
I played as a medic and went around trying to heal people but did more dying then any real good…I think it means I should play more games so I would improve…