Tomorrow is the start of semester 2, but before I start here’s a quick run down about the subjects I did last semester.

Interact Digital Media Proj A

The big main thing for the semester was IDMP, I was some what lucky and managed to join a really awesome group with people who work hard and create amazing stuff. We made a sidescroller with the UT3 engine with heaps of custom content and a bunch of other wow stuff. I’m actually a little disappointed with myself when it came to pitching in work, but I somewhat pulled my weight with the presentations we had. (After our final presentation I had a number of teachers come up to me and tell me what a good job I did *glee*)
We managed to score a HD and I look forward to working with my team next semester and I hope I put in more effort this time around. ^^;


Ah web3D, I have to say this subject drove me the most insane. I went into it thinking it would be easy and a piece of cake, heck I know HTML, I know action script and I can read python well enough. Anyways, it didn’t take me too long to find the subject annoying and boring and I stopped heading into class >.> I managed to do my assignments within a week before they were due with a lot of complaining and asking for help from my friends, but all in all I somehow managed to get my assignments done, pass the exam and get away with a HD. Whoo.

Design Studio 2

DS2 was one of my more laid back subjects, we were hardly given any work outside of class and I had a lot of fun attending the classes… this was until the lecturer was replaced and things got a little boring. Thanks to this class I’m not so crap with InDesign. I had hoped I would have gotten a HD for this subject but a DI is good enough. Tho I can’t really help but think if our Lecturer wasn’t replaced I would have gotten a HD.

Alternative Animation


I think the animation class is the class I had the most fun, in the first few weeks of the semester we made little animations, it really felt like we were doing something. The assignments were a lot of fun to do and I was really happy that I was finally doing some 2D animations. I’m a little sad that I only got a DI but I guess it just meant I didn’t work hard enough and didn’t put in all those extra little things you need in an animation. I’m still happy, it was a wonderful subject and wouldn’t actually mind if I had to do it again.

So what’s up for tomorrow and the next 12 or so weeks?

I’m some what looking forward to the Digital curation and Exhibition practice and the photography class. Not too sure why I’m taking programming 1, it seems like a good thing to know and I’m looking forward to working with my team again for IDMP B :P

Comikaze 24hr Comic Challenge 2009


A number of weeks ago I entered the Comikaze 24hr Comic Challenge. I had a lot of fun and while I’m a pretty crappy writer I came up with a some what not that bad comic plot and script. Towards the end of my 24 hours I was really worried that I wouldn’t get everything done in time, but I was some what lucky and finished with about 20mins left. During the making of my comic I changed my idea of how the story would end like three times, I think if I didn’t change my mind so much I wouldn’t have so many plot holes and I would have had more time to spread the comic out across the pages instead of cramming the ending into a few pages. ^^; my bad. I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to take part of Comikaze again, like pyweek it’s always nice to see what you create in such a short time. They are little burst of creativity that form quickly enough before you get bored. Other projects tend to drag on for too long and never get finished =_=;

Anyways the comic can be read here

I gave it such a long and stupid name O-o I really don’t know what I was thinking at the time…