GG arkham city

Somewhere in Rocksteady Studios some jerk was all “You know what would be cool? If the player had to guide a batarang though a bunch of small holes in order to make progress with the game”


You see that gap in that huge ass corkscrew looking thing? I need to throw a batarang though that hole. Then I need to do a U turn (as the batarang) and though another corkscrew looking gate thing, and crash land into a button… in the span of about 5 seconds.

15 minutes later and all I feel is rage. Here are some screenshots of how close I got to said button.




Much rage when this throw failed.

And then after several  more crash landings that I though would have done the job but the game didn’t seem to agree with me, I raged quit to write this post.

Good job Rocksteady Studios, for making batman very very frustrating. I’ll try again tomorrow.

My first dating sim game

So a dating sim, or dating simulation is a type of game popular in Japan. Often it’s when the player is a generic high school student and is given a number of characters and the aim is to have a romantic relationship with one of them.

I’ve never actually played a dating sim, they aren’t the most common thing you will come across. However as the games become more popular a number of like silly dating sims have arrived, hatoful boyfriend is probably the most well known. However I never got around to playing it. I’d like to one day. You play as a human in a school full of birds. How can that not be anything BUT awesome?

Anyways, so today I came across a lovely short dating sim called Jurassic Heart.


It’s a dinosaur dating sim :D however there’s just the one dinosaur, still it’s pretty damn awesome and I recommend it. It’s pretty damn short. At the start of the game you have to type your name, I picked Velociraptor. I later learn it turns out you are human.


Meet Taira the T-rex, he has a tie on. We went shopping for a ukulele…


It seems I’m pretty damn good at these dating sim games ;P


And I got the good end! Huzzah!

The game is pretty good, but short. I hope they add more to it, maybe add more dinosaur :D if you have nothing better to do I recommend you play it. It’s pretty stupid thus lots of fun.


Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days. After the first hurdle I pretty much went “blah” so here’s a quick recap of what’s I’ve been doing.


Yesterday we had a group lunch with all the honour students, I baked cookies.


I’ve also been playing Bioshock infinite. Which I actually beat just before writing this blog post. Despite owning a copy of bioshock and bioshock 2, I’ve never finished a bioshock game (until now) I always found bioshock just too scary, it’s dark and all the splicers are super creepy, I know I can’t die in that game and I pretty much trip over ammo and health. But god damn it, Rapture is scary.

I’m pretty impressed with myself beating Bioshock infinite, I’m normally really bad when it comes to beating games. I’m a bit sad that I’ve finished it. I also feel like the game was a bit short, according to steam it took me 10 hours to beat.

I found the game a bit silly at times, like I once looted some ice cream from a dead corps as well as a cup of coffee and a whole cake. Most of the game you are tripping over ammo and health and salts, I got to the point where I was wondering why the hell I was spending money to buy things when I would turn the corner and there will be all this stuff, however there were times when I was locked in areas, in a stupid battle and there’s nothing for me to loot. :|

Over all, I love Elizabeth. She’s so wonderful.

Anyway, time to find a new game to play…

T minus… er… Friday…


So my desk has slowly gotten more messy over the weeks >.< I’ve got one essay due on Friday and then the first hurdle is done. I’ve got big plans for the calm before the next storm, first thing will be a quick tidy of the test. Second will be collecting information for the round 2 essays and also SEWING! :D

Lately uni has been feeling a bit like QWOP

Week 6 – Precursor Project Presentation

So today I had my first major assignment for honours. I hate presentations, I use to be pretty good at them, not any more. The 3 years away from uni have made me rusty when it comes to talking in front of people. Somehow I got though it. My Precursor Project is basically a small slice of what my final project will be. So since I’ve been doing stuff around heroes I turned the table around and focused on the NPCs (non playing characters) within games. For my precursor I ended up drawing a mini story/comic from a testificate’s point of view.

A testificate’s Tale

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6p7p8p9p10p11p12

The End

I guess my Presentation went well, I got some good feedback, but what I think I enjoy the most is the different ways people wrong my name


So we have 2 Biccy, 2 Beccy, 1 Becky and 1 Rebecca. I AM THE GIRL WITH MANY NAMES MUAHAH!

Media Objects Precursor


My precursor presentation is like a story book about some testificates.  I’m not sure why I gave the brown one laser eyes….

Ah I hope it goes well. The slides are done, my story book is done, just got to write me some notes for my speech so I don’t go all “Huuuur…Ummmmm…. guuuuurh…..” even with a speech I’m still going to make a bunch of faces and make stupid cow sounds >.>

I’ll post the comic up tomorrow.

another point of view


Today I’ve been taking screen caps of games but from the NPCs point of view. Or at lest I tried. It’s not a easy thing to do. First since I didn’t use any mods I was stuck with the in game cheats, most games were helpful and have no clip, but sadly when you are trying to take a screen shot from the NPC’s pov and they keep walking everywhere it gets into a bit of a pain. I have no idea how Deadend thrills does it.

Not much to report other then I’ve been somewhat busy. I have two things due in the upcoming week and then another essay the following week. April has been such a busy month.

More than a Damsel in a Dress: A Response

I do quite enjoy this video a lot more then the video it’s responding to, to be honest I think this whole feminist/girl power in games is a bit silly.

I feel like in these two videos they avoid female protagonists/ strong female characters, such as Samus from Metroid, or Half Life’s Alyx, Zoey from L4D, and Chell in portal
(I’m sorry I named a lot of Valve games, to be fair I’m rushing this I need to get ready for class soon)

Ugh maybe I’m just missing the point or I don’t care enough.

Joining the gamer ranks

This was actually posted a few days ago, but I somewhat forgot about it till today;

For the love of the game

I wanted to grab the video file but kotaku didn’t want to share so I have to link the web page (Like I wasn’t going to anyway *sigh*)

It’s pretty damn funny, those lazy news reporters, just all repeating the same speech someone else wrote. I’m still not 100% sure what gamer ranks mean…  Gosh the things that pass off as news these days.