Saving sheep – WIP

Hey cool, I did work today =D

Screen shot (with caps!) of the flash game I’m currently working on for DIM2, pyweek is next week so I’m trying to get most of my assignments done and out of the way.

Saving sheep is a flash game made for the wii, it’s basically a tower defence game. Right now you can drag the turrent around the screen as well as change it’s direction it faces, it shoots one bullet at a time. The robots will head towards the sheep and can be shot at and destroyed.

While I know right now everything are just simple shapes I really like how the game is looking, I kind-a wish I could keep the graphics they way they are but if I want the good grades then I need to put in some real effort and make it all purdy-like. Hopefully later tonight I’ll have drawn some sheep and turrents and robots.


Crania II: Moe’s Adventures Abroad Stache Forest


Finished the game around 6:30pm yesterday. Sadly by the time we had finished we couldn’t be stuffed to test for bugs, I’m hoping it’ll work just fine.

I think this is the fasted I’ve ever uploaded an assignment after finishing it. I mean I still haven’t uploaded Maple memory, and I did that last year. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Crania II: Moe’s Adventures Abroad Stache Forest

Now don’t mind the fact that the page says “Deep Sea Dash” I forgot to change the title of the page =_=; I’ll fix it up later, I plan to work on Maple Memory a bit later today/tomorrow so I’ll do it then… or just forget about it till someone bugs me enough to change it.

game for the mobile


We have a menu!

Um, the thing was actually due in Thursday (the 1st) so it’s actually done and finished, but I’m just hacking at the code to make it more user friendly… also because the way things are set up are annoying me and must be fixed X_x I also want to add a load screen before I actually upload it… yeah…. After handing this in I felt a lot less stressed, which is good =D

Pixel Art

We have graphics!


Hamish sent me a few .png files last night for our Mobile game, I’m still missing some image files, but this well do for now.

I haven’t done much to it since yesterday, I’ve got to that point where I can’t do this thing unless I’ve done this but can’t do that coz I haven’t done this yet :\ it’s some what annoying… I have done little things… like make the background move… the way I got the background working is so odd, me thinks. my original idea was just to use two images of the background .png files have it as one image reaches the end of the screen it gets move to the other side of the screen and will follow behind the other image and so forth, like they are always swapping back and forth, but that didn’t work as well as I hoped, I ended up getting white gaps between the two images. So the background is made up of three images, sliding past and then moved back. It does what I want, and that’s all good.

Gaming for the Mobile

Second Assignment for Media cultures 2. Make a mobile game or a game for the mobile phone. Hamish and I choice to make a game for the mobile phone, so we’re using Flash (but not Flash Lite, because I don’t have a copy of that) I’m doing actionscript-ing and he’ll be doing the graphics; for the time being I just made a few rectangles

mobilegameWIP Best graphics in da world!

The game is really simple, baddies come towards you and you duck or jump over them. If I can get it working you can also squish them by jumping on them and you can do upper-cuts if you can time your rising up from a duck just right. (Understand? =D)
You score points by dodging the baddies and attacking them; it’s one of those games that don’t end unless you die. You get one life and if you get hit by a baddie it’s Game over!

Right now I’m stuck on this real stupid thing that I can’t seem to work out how to fix it and have tried several ways of writing the code to get it right but I always end up with the same result, and it’s driving me nuts. I know I should work on other parts of the code, like work on the scoring system but I simply can not move on, not till I get this right! And Because I can’t get this one simple thing working I don’t feel like do any more work now, blllllah >.<