GG arkham city

Somewhere in Rocksteady Studios some jerk was all “You know what would be cool? If the player had to guide a batarang though a bunch of small holes in order to make progress with the game”


You see that gap in that huge ass corkscrew looking thing? I need to throw a batarang though that hole. Then I need to do a U turn (as the batarang) and though another corkscrew looking gate thing, and crash land into a button… in the span of about 5 seconds.

15 minutes later and all I feel is rage. Here are some screenshots of how close I got to said button.




Much rage when this throw failed.

And then after several  more crash landings that I though would have done the job but the game didn’t seem to agree with me, I raged quit to write this post.

Good job Rocksteady Studios, for making batman very very frustrating. I’ll try again tomorrow.