python and bacon

Jb is currently learning bacon, which is a game library for python. And that is as much as I can tell you for I am not good with programming. The example bacon gives is how to draw an image of a kitten, we did not have a image of a kitten on hand so JB used a spider image from one of his assignments.

And then I came up with the idea about making a game with the spider to help JB learn.


The game is a basic idea, you play as a spider that needs to catch flys that move across the screen (I understand that spiders normally use webs but meh). Moving the spider adds hunger while flys will remove hunger. You also need to avoid wasps and hopefully there will be other bugs as well that will give power ups. I guess it’ll be like a high score game.

One this is all sorted we’ll be adding a web for the spider to move along but baby steps first.

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