Huzzah it’s over!

For now.

So yesterday I submitted my final essay for the semester, I’m so happy I managed to get this semester over and done with. I feel so happy at myself too for just sticking with it, at some stages honours seemed hard but I stuck with it.

This gif represents how I’m feeling. Except I spell mum with a “U”. But yeah, let the dance party begin, and when I say dance part I mean me crunching in my chair coz I’m too lazy to stand up.

I know gifs are something that belong to tumblr but I don’t care :D

I did it! I finished all my assignments! I’ve started writing myself a todo list of things I want to do so I don’t waste my time off. :D I’ll try and keep the blog updated with honour related things however with PAX coming up in about 5 weeks I’m probably going to be doing a lot of pre-PAX prep work which will be posted at the tumblr blog.

First up on my todo list, clean my room, its a mess.


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