tap tap goes the keys

Approaching the second hurdle in honours, I feel like things will get better once I get these essays and assignments in. Tomorrow I had plans to finish a draft of one of my essays, sadly today was taken up with a trip to southland, not for shopping but for tech support. JB’s laptop is currently down, the apple store guy was super nice and managed to pull some strings for us. While his laptop is in the shop I’m leading my Plum to JB so he can do uni work.

There’s like 4 classes left for me this semester and I still have the PC to work on. I am sad that I won’t be able to browse the web in bed tho.


It’s been bloody cold lately, hot chocolate at night is the best however there was a lack of cocoa so tonight’s hot chocolate is a mix of milk, cocoa and Nutella. Yum yum.


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