Photoshop CS6 and the Wacom

While messing around in photoshop CS6 today I noticed these new brushes that weren’t in CS5. Photoshop sure has come along way when it comes to working with a tablet. It is a lot more responsive then it use to be. 

When I got my first tablet back in 2003 I use to use openCanvas which imo was the best software to draw in. Photoback back then did not do a good job reading the pen pressure, however that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  


These new brushes photoshop offers are pretty amazing, the first thing I noticed (while having the tablet plugged in) was a new window that showed the pen tilt. It’s pretty amazing however I feel like there’s a lag between the tablet movement and the cursor. Thankfully the window can be closed as well as changed to a smaller window. 

Another thing is that I feel like these bushes are a lot thicker then the normal photoshop brushes, despite being the same pixel size. I do enjoy the flow the have but the thickness limits the detail of the drawing.

I think more tweaking is needed and these brushes would be perfect. 

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