Good Friday Lazy Day

The day started off pretty slow, which lead into a slow afternoon as well, at some stage I finally got some reading done, I’m slowly making my way though the making heroes paper, I hope to have it done by tomorrow. I have a essay for Media and Comm due pretty soon, got a fair bit of reading I need to get done before I can start that.

So today I started thinking a little more about my research project I want to do this year. Basically my current idea is to create a games definition for anti heroes. But I’m also currently dabbling into moral choices in games. I was having a chat with Jesse today and he mentioned that maybe the whole good and evil point system doesn’t need to be used and the player themselves can think if what they have done is a good or bad thing, this basically removes the judgment of moral choices from the game developer, what right do I have to say something is bad when someone else might see it another way. Which kinda leads to some other forms of problems but right now I’m trying to work around that and creating my own system, that’s doesn’t work on the whole good and bad deeds cancel each other out.

I’m so sorry if this post is hard to read, I’ve been writing this thing on and off the past 4 hours >.<

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